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Sakat Chauth 2024 Puja Rituals and Traditions

What and How to Observe Sakat Chauth Puja in 2024

What and How to Observe Sakat Chauth Puja

Sakat Chauth 2024 Puja, a revered day in the Hindu religion, falls between January and February, specifically celebrated on the fourth day of the Shukla Tithi. This auspicious occasion revolves around the worship of Goddess Sakat and Lord Ganesha. A notable tradition during this celebration is women observing a fast throughout the day, seeking the safety and well-being of their children.

The Origin of Sakat Chauth

Centuries ago, in a village, a skilled potter faced a baffling dilemma. Despite repeated efforts, the clay pots he crafted refused to harden in the furnace. Desperate for a solution, he approached the king, who consulted the royal pundit. The pundit’s harsh resolution proposed sacrificing a child before each pottery session. The king, tragically, mandated this decree, and the villagers complied. Amidst this turmoil, an elderly woman faced the heart-wrenching prospect of sacrificing her sole support, her son. But she turned to Mata Sakat, covering her son with the symbolic “Dub ka Beeda” and giving him the sacred beetle nut. Instructing him to pray to Mata Sakat as he entered the kiln, her son miraculously survived the ritual. This miraculous event propagated the tradition of Sakat Chauth Puja, primarily dedicated to safeguarding children.

How to Perform Sakat Chauth Puja

Observing Sakat Chauth involves a series of rituals and practices:
  • Morning Rites: Devotees start the day with a purifying bath and worship Lord Ganesha by chanting mantras while observing a fast.
  • Creating a Symbolic Mount: Using mud and sesame seeds, a small mountain is fashioned.
  • Alpana Preparation: Intricate designs are crafted as part of the puja decorations.
  • Setting the Puja Space: A wooden platform, draped in a fresh cloth, hosts a kalash (sacred pot) with a lit lamp.
  • Offerings to Lord Ganesha: Various mud-made items are presented in reverence.
  • Offering Prasad: Devotees offer laddu (sweet balls) made of sesame seeds, dry fruits, and gud (jaggery).
  • Moonrise Offering: As the moon ascends, devotees perform an arghya ritual with water.

Sakat Chauth 2024 Puja

In the upcoming year, 2024, Sakat Chauth Puja falls on Monday, 29 January 2024.


Sakat Chauth Puja holds deep significance, intertwining history, faith, and rituals. Its essence lies in honoring Goddess Sakat and Lord Ganesha while safeguarding the welfare of children through heartfelt prayers and observances.

FAQs about Sakat Chauth Puja

1. Why is Sakat Chauth Puja significant?
Sakat Chauth Puja holds immense cultural and religious importance, symbolizing the protection of children and seeking divine blessings.
2. Can anyone observe Sakat Chauth Puja?
Yes, both men and women can observe this ritual to seek the well-being of their loved ones.
3. Is fasting mandatory during Sakat Chauth?
Fasting is a common practice during this puja, believed to bring blessings and protect the family.
4. What items are essential for the puja?
Essential items include a kalash, lamp, mud-made offerings, sweets, and water for rituals.
5. How does Sakat Chauth Puja conclude?
The puja concludes with prayers and offerings made during the rising of the moon.

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