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Performs Durga Puja Online

Performs Durga Puja Online to Attain Courage & Ward Off Evil Eyes

Celebrating Durga puja is like fostering the cultural heritage of the people of India. Moving forward to other parts of the Durga puja is the spiritual value. We worship Maa Durga to attain courage, and strength, and fight against demons that live inside and surround us. Maa Durga is the epitome of Shakti (Power) and her gracious form and female dynamism are worshipped by her devotees not only in India but also all over the world with grace, devotion, and Vedic rituals. Life Puja Yagya is one of the best online platforms that performs Durga Puja Online for countless devotees across the globe.

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Why to Perform Online Durga Puja?

Performing Durga puja is a huge spiritual responsibility. It needs proper guidance and precision to complete all Vedic rituals of Durga Puja. Arranging the puja materials of Durga puja takes time, and sometimes the availability of puja items seems hard based on the location you live in. However, if you choose a reliable online platform like Live Puja Yagya, you can experience the best Durga puja and participate in it from the comfort of your home. Other advantages you can have with online Durga puja booking are

  • The puja will be performed by professional and experienced Pandit Jis.
  • You can choose the best date according to your wish and schedule.
  • You will have complete timing of the puja.
  • Your Sankalp to perform Durga Puja will be taken care of.
  • All the puja items will be chosen with care and quality.
  • Puja will be performed on time and you can participate in the puja in real time.
  • If you wish to perform Mantra Jaap, Homam, and any specific yagya with the Durga puja, all will be performed with all Vedic rituals.

So, if you have a Sankalp to perform Durga Puja and you have no one to take care of your needs at your home location, consider the online puja platform and experience the best Durga Puja Anushthan from your place. You will not regret choosing the virtual mode to worship the power and presence of the Supreme Divinity.


Benefits of Durga Puja for Devotes

  • Maa Durga blesses her all devotees with courage, and willpower
  • She wards off evil eyes, negativity, and bad spells from lives
  • She makes her devotee free from obstacles including health, career, marriage, and children.


Best Tithi For Durga Puja Online

Especially, Durga Puja is performed in September or October. During the Ashwin Month, Great Demon King Ravana worshiped Maa Durga and since then the puja has been performed annually in many places in India and across the globe to celebrate the power, goodness, virtue, ethics, the victory of Dharma, motherhood, and strength of womanhood over evil and negativity.  If you wish to conduct Durga Puja in your name, you can certainly choose any of the tithes mentioned here,

  • AshwinNavaratri
  • ChiatraNavaratri
  • Gupta Navaratri (falls in Magha and Ashadha month. In English, it falls in February and July)

Besides, you can talk to our Pandit Ji at Live Puja Yagya to decide the best tithi according to your date of birth and natal chart. If anyone needs to perform Durga Puja Online for any special reason or occasion, do contact our Pandit ji on a priority basis. You will be directed according to Vedic Shastra and Astrology as well.

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