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Diwali 2024: Celebration of Victory

Diwali 2024: Date and Shubh Muhurat

Date: 01st November 2024

Muhurta Auspicious Time:

  • 18:37 to 20:36 Vrishabha kaal
  • 17:51 to 20:23 Pradosh Kaal

Diwali is the festival of light; let’s light pierce the darkness this year.

India is a land of festivals numbers of festivals are celebrated here and all the festivals are celebrated with great zeal. The festivals play vital part in the lives of Indians. Diwali is one of the most important festivals in Hindu region. People worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on the Diwali day and get blessings of prosperous life. Along with the worship, people enjoy, dance and singing.

Let’s know about the ‘festival of lights’- Diwali.

Diwali 2024: Grand Celebration

Diwali festival celebration is a grand celebration time. It is a complete ‘Dhoom Dhadaka’ festival. This festival is celebrated for five days. Everyone gathers on the night of Diwali and enjoy with diya lighting, singing, dancing and some harm free crackers also. This festival is full of fun.

Diwali 2024: Carnival of lights

Deepawali is the other name of Diwali and it is one of the most awaited festivals in Hindu religion. In Deepawali word, ‘Deep’ symbolize the light and ‘Avali’ means series of lights. Thus, it is generally called as ‘festival of light or carnival of lights’. It comes after the eighteen days of Dusshara festival. On the Diwali eve people light Diyas (small clay lamp) and put them around their house and decorate the house with light. Now time is changed so different types of diyas and electric lamps are available but still mud lamp has its own importance and people are using it on Diwali for lightning. Lighting the diya is the way of paying gratitude towards the God for good health, wealth, knowledge, fame and peace in life. The Diwali festival is enjoy by every the people of all age groups. People take blessings from their elders, exchange sweets and fireworks is also a centre attraction.

Deepawali is the five day festival where each day is celebrated with different rituals and importance. But the essence is same for each day celebration that is demolition of evil and also victory of truth. Thus, on the Diwali 2024 keep in mind the reason of celebration when you enjoy the festival. Kill all the bad things from your life and take a path of truth this year.

Diwali 2024: Five days of Celebration

Deepawali generally comes in during October or November month, it come after Durga Puja and Dusshara festival. In 2024 year, it will celebrate on Friday, 01st November.

As every year it will start with Dhanteras. Dhanteras will on Tuesday, 29th October in 2024 year. It marks as the entry of prosperity in the homes. On this day, buying Gold, Silver and other items is a trend which is followed from ancient. Thursday, 31st October will celebrate as ‘Chotti Diwali’. People make different sweets for Diwali on this day and it is celebrated as the ‘Narka Chaturdarshi’.

Badi’ or main Diwali is on Friday, 01st November 2024. Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped on this day who symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

Next day of Deepawali will celebrate as ‘Goverdhan Puja’. It is on Saturday, 02nd November. And ‘Bhai Dooj’ comes on very next day of it.

Deepawali is the keenly awaited and most enjoyable festival, it bring joy, fun, and get together moment in Hindu community.

Diwali 2024: Importance of Lighting a Diya

On Diwali eve, every home is lighted with diyas and other electric items. Every festival has its own rituals same like this Diwali also has ritual of lightining Diyas. Light helps us to see around, everyone understand that without light life is not possible. Light symbolize the positivity and knowledge on the other hand darkness symbolizes the ignorance. Thus, lighting the diya or lamp means subtraction of ignorance and welcome the knowledge, wisdom, destruction of evils, negativity, greed, violence and envy. Lighting the lamp light the life and indicates happiness.

Diwali 2024: Legends associated with this Bright Festival

Let’s have a look to popular legends

Lord Rama’s come back to Ayodhya

Lord Rama is remembered for his truth, epitome of morality and perfect son and husband. But best part was that he was a perfect King. Ravan abducted Lord Rama’s wife then Lord Rama had a war with him and got victory. After that war he returned back to Ayodhya with his wife and brother. On their return people became happy and celebrate that day with lighten the diyas. From that time celebration of Diwali has been started.

Satyabham killed Narakasura

Narakasura was demon king of Pradyoshpuram but he was the cruel ruler. People asked Lord Krishna to help, and then Krishna took Satyabham who was Naraka’s mother with him to kill Narakasura. Naraka death relived all the people.