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Buddha Purnima 2024: Cycle of Life & Death Gets Honoured!

In the year 2024, Buddha Purnima falls on 23rd May, Thursday. It is great to hear that a solitary day represents the complete series of life and death. Buddha’s birth, death and enlightenment are signified by the day Buddha Jayanti. To know more about Buddha Purnima in 2024 read further…

What is Buddha Purnima?

By the name you yourselves get know that Buddha Purnima is devoted to Lord Buddha. The auspicious day of Buddha Purnima reward high regards with the Buddhists all over the world. Buddha Purnima is close and approaching soon in 2024; so, we are here to inform you everything you required to be familiar with about Buddha Purnima in 2024.

This very day of Buddha purnima is celebrated on the full Moon night in the month of Vsisakh according to Hindu calendar. It is observed all over the world but the dates may be different as per the lunar calendars used in different Traditions. Buddha Purnima is also called as Vesak, Wesak, Hanamatsuri, Dawa, Saga, and Buddha Jayanti. The directory of synonyms used for this magnificent day is very long and depends on the number of countries, where this day of Buddha Purnima is celebrated.

The day of Vesak is observed to honour the birth of Gautama Buddha, also known as Siddhartha Gautama. According to some customs, vesak is measured as the day to respect all the three phases Gautama’s life- birth, death and enlightenment.

Do you know the real reason to celebrate Vesak or Buddha Jayanti? Now, here we will talk about Lord Buddha’s importance in celebrating Vesak.

Vesak 2024: why to rejoice Buddha Jayanti in 2024?

Buddha Jayanti or Buddha Purnima is celebrated in respect of the heavenly magnitude depicted by Lord Buddha. Buddha Jayanti or Vesak is real ceremony of the linear series of life that is expedition of Buddha from life to death. The heavenly expedition includes his illumination that turns him into the lord. Let us know additional about Gautama Buddha’s importance in celebration of Buddha Purnima.

Buddha Jayanti in 2024: early life and Birth of Buddha

Lord Buddha takes birth as Siddhartha Gautama to the monarch of Kapilavastu. Since , childhood lord Buddha was a pampered person and didn’t be acquire with anything that existed away from castle gates. At very early age Lord Buddha get married to Yashodhara. He is having satisfied married life and after some time of marriage his wife gave birth to son. They are having good family life together. But, were these the only things usual of Buddha?
Once a astrologer much earlier predicted for his life that he will becoming sage and that prediction of Astrologer came factual at the age of 29. But, you know what actually occurs to the 29 year old Buddha that transformed the course of humanity? Have a look on the journey of Gautama that made him Lord Buddha from Siddharat Gautama.

Buddha Purnima 2024: Understanding of Truth by Buddha

Once, Lord Buddha had said his charioteer that he wants to go out from the palace. More significantly, that was the extremely first time when Buddha went out from the boundaries of palace.

During the period of his journey, Buddha understands the universality of sorrow. He met an old man, a cripple and a corpse, derive the series of life. The journey bothered him to such an end that Buddha resolute to take out all the worldly pleasures. In the age of 29 he left his material concerns, as well as his son and wife, to search for the actual meaning of life.

Buddha Jayanti 2024: Buddha Attains Enlightenment!

In search of enlightenment Buddha travelled wide and far. He sustained his journey by studying spiritual doctrines and seeking spiritual suggestions from wise men.

After this he was not satisfied, and followed way of self- mortification and self- indulgence. Afterwards he reached at Bodhgaya, there he vowed to carry on meditation till he not attains enlightenment. On the full Moon night (Purnima) of Wesak month under the Bodhi tree Buddha ultimately attained enlightenment.
He gives his first speech at Varanasi to the group of 5 companions, latter this group recognized as Sangha (company of Buddhist monk).

Buddha Purnima 2024: Buddha’s Four- Noble Truth

Buddhism was founded by Lord Buddha and the following points are consider four- noble truths of Buddhism:

  1. Human life is suffering.
  2. The core causes of suffering are human desires.
  3. Human suffering will end on end of human desires.
  4. One can end of desires by following the ‘Eight-Fold Noble Path’ of Buddhism.

Eight – Fold Noble Path is:

  • The right view of life.
  • The right view of speech.
  • The right view of intention.
  • The right view of action.
  • The right view of effort.
  • The right view of livelihood.
  • The right view of concentration.
  • The right view of the frame of mind.

Buddha is neither god, nor did he assert to be one. It was faith and belief of others on him that turn him into a heavenly being. He is a perfect guide to direct you to space of salvation and true- life.

His wisdom have extend over Afghanistan, Cambodia, Korea, Egypt, Japan, Vietnam, China, Borneo, Sumatra, Malaya, Java, China, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Brahmadesh, Annam, Laos, Siam and Khotan in central Asia.

Buddha Attains Parinirvana! : Buddha Purnima 2024

Buddha attained the final stage of Nirvana that is known as Parinirvana, as he sacrificed his corporeal life. This occurs on the full moon light (Purnima night) in Vesak month, when he was provide a food fragility by a blacksmith (Cunda). The fragility is famous as pork or Sukaramaddava (pig’s delight).

It is believed that as Buddha ate the offered fragility he got ill. This is the reason of Buddha’s death on the same day. It is claimed in Mahaparinirbana Sutta that Buddha died because of an infection known as Mesenteric Infraction. He was at Kushinagar at the moment he took his last breathes.

Therefore, we can derive this as per Buddhist texts that Buddha’s birth, death and enlightenment (Parinirvana) was occur on the same day of the vesak month that is vVesak purnima. Buddha Purnima is celebrated to honour the same day, after such important event took place. This indicates that the journey from life to death is recurring and everything complete from the point it had started.

The world Fellowships of Buddhists conference decided to rejoice Vesak or Buddha Jayanti as Lord Buddha’s birthday according to the development in 1950.

Now, have a look on how Vesak or Buddha Purnima will be celebrated in year 2024.

Vesak 2024: How to Celebrate Buddha Jayanti in 2024?

Sseing as, Buddha Jayanti or Buddha Purnima is celebrated is observed worldwide, now we will talk about the celebration patterens of Buddha Purnima, throughout the world. Following are different patterns of Vesak:

Buddha Jayanti 2024: Vesak in India

Buddha Purnima or Wesak is mostly celebrated in different states of India like, Sikkim, J & K, Arunachal Pradesh and Bihar (Bodhgaya). The Mahabodhi temple situated at Bodhgaya is tinted in a festive look on the day of Buddha Jayanti.

On this day devotees spend their day in the fetes of Lord Buddha at Buddhist temple and recite antique teachings of Buddha. Charity and Donation are also usual with the Buddhists on Buddha Purnima.

Buddha Purnima 2024: Japanese Flavour

In Japan, Wesak or Buddha Purnima is recognized as Hanamatsuri. According to the Japanese tcustoma it is assumed that a dragon appeared in the sky on Buddha Purnima and presented Soma to Buddha. Thus, the day of Buddha Jayanti or Wesak is observed in Japan. According to solar calendar this very day is celebrated on 8th of April. In Japan the ritual of Shimbutsu Shugo is extremely famous, when followers present sweet tea on Buddha statue. On Buddha Purnima in Japan Buddhist temples are decorated for festive carnival.

Buddha Purnima 2024: Nepali Flavour

Nepal is the country that is considered as the birth place ( Lumbini) of Buddha. Buddha Purnima is one of the most divine festivals of Nepal. Buddha Jayanti is observed all over the Nepal, where Buddha Temples (Swayambhu) are royally prepared. The main door of monkey temple (swayambhu) is let unlock only on Buddha Jayanti that permits number of devotees to rejoice Buddha’s birthday at his own origin. Pilgrims also give aid (money, food, clothes) to Buddhist schools and Monasteries.

Buddha Purnima 2024: Sri Lanka Flavour

Vesak or Buddha Jayanti is observed for about a week in Sri Lanka. The full week is measured to be a ‘dry week’, as there is a ban for the selling fresh meat and alcohol. Provisional structure called as Toranas are built all around the country that explains stories scince 550 Jatak Katha (Buddha’s 550 past life stories). People hang wesak koodu in front of their houses. Buddha’s enlightenment signifies by these lights.

The real definition of God is derived by Gautama. God is one who guides us towards the correct path and becomes exact example of virtuous morals. Mahatma Gautama Buddha is great example of such a chief, who direct us to correct path and also awaken our religious being. Be prepared to follow godly chief on this Buddha Purnima in 2024.

Buddha is in us, all we required to do is to understand our religious selves. Want to be enlightened, as Lord Buddha will visit us on Vesak in 2024.

We wish you the entire heavenly rescue on Buddha Purnima in 2024!