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6 Effective Ways Appeasing Mahabali Hanuman Ji & Invoke Blessings

6 Effective Ways Appeasing Mahabali Hanuman Ji and Invoke Blessings

We all are well known with the Mahima of Lord Hanuman. We apprehend why devotees worship Hanuman Ji widely regardless of age, gender, and desires. He is the 11th Avatar of Rudra, the son of Pawan, and he was born to Mata Anjana and Pita Kesari. Every day, hundreds and thousands of devotees perform Hanuman puja at home or temple out of love and devotion to attain peace of mind and courage in life. With the advent of reliable online puja platforms devotees go for online Hanuman puja booking to complete their Sankalps these days at their convenience. 


It is said that Hanuman ji is easy to appease and he listens to the prayers of his devotees very soon and fulfils their desires. So here, we will discuss a few easy ways to please to lord hanuman and anyone can do this. 


Effective Ways to Appease Lord Hanuman Ji


According to Hindu Mythology and Vedic Astrology, Hanuman Ji is the most powerful God. His valor and devotion to Lord Rama, both are extraordinary. It is said whoever worships Lord Hanuman Ji with sanity and pure devotion will attain the qualities of Hanuman Ji gradually. So, if you are the who is looking for easy ways to get connected with the divinity of Lord Hanuman Ji, read out these ways down here. 


  1. Daily Puja: Worshipping is the first step to connecting with the deity. So, start worshipping to bridge the gap between you and your deity. You can start it with normal Puja and Archana at your home with mantra chanting. Also, you can book for Hanuman puja online to perform all the Vedic rituals mentioned in Puranas, create a powerful bond with your loving deity, and invoke his blessings. 


  1. Fasting: You can keep fast on Tuesday and Saturday to create a bond with your Lord Hanuman Ji and incur his blessings. According to Vedic Astrology, if Mars or Saturn is afflicted in the birth chart, keeping fast on Tuesday and Saturday is regarded highly auspicious.  Don’t consume non-veg or alcohol after the puja; otherwise, you lose all the puja benefits. 


  1. Puja Bidhi & Offering: Just wear red whenever you sit for Hanuman puja online or at your home, offer him sindoor, red flowers, and sweet and a beetle leave garland to get his kripa. He loves laddoo and besan barfi very much. So, don’t forget to offer these sweets. 


  1. Hanuman Jayanti Puja: Another easy way to appease Lord Hanuman Ji is to perform Hanuman Jayanti Puja. You can perform the puja at home or book your puja online at any reliable online puja platform. Live Puja Yagya can cater to all your online puja needs effortlessly. 


  1. Hanuman Chalisa Reading: Another effective way to appease God Hanuman is Hanuman Chalisa reading regularly. Also, you can participate in Hanuman Bhajan and Participation in Kirtan/Pathh: Kirtan by visiting the temple or through an online streaming process. It purifies your mind and soul. Through, hymns, Hanuman Katha, pathh, and kirtan, you can get to know about Lord Hanuman Ji and his valorous acts. 


  1. Service to Needy People: Serving the destitute is one of the best ways to appease Hanuman Ji. He is Shankat Mochan Bagawan. When he sees you serving others with pure intention, he will certainly bless you. 


There are countless ways to worship and appease Hanuman Ji. Just keep your intention pure and perform his puja by heart. Live Puja Yagya takes online Hanuman puja booking and you can book your slot with easy ways. Just go for it and get showered by the blessing of your adored lord Hanuman. 


II Om Hanumate Namah II