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Puja for Protection


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Puja for Protection

Individuals who wish to perform puja for protection can get the Sudarshan puja performed to get rid of any mishaps. Sudarshan is a turning disc embellished by Lord Vishnu as per Hindu mythology. Lord Vishnu is also called Sudarshan. The individuals worship him as the preserver of life on this planet. Sudarshan puja is extremely in vogue puja in south Indian states of India. There he is ordinarily regarded as ruler Sudarshan and his wife as vijayavali. The exacting importance of Sudarshan is virtuous hallucination/vision.

Significance of Sudarshan puja for protection:

Devilish spirits see the Sudarshan puja for protection as a favourable puja, which assists in protecting the individual from all disasters, inconveniences, adversaries, dark enchanting, stink eye, fear, any horoscopy dosha, health issues and abuse. Hindus accept that Vishnu is the defender and preserver of this planet and his weapon is Sudarshan. He undertook the earth whenever the malicious constraints ascent to ensure the individuals and keep up the offset of this earth. It is accepted that the Sudarshan puja can evade all mischance evacuate adversaries and fulfil the craving of enthusiasts even though the goals of mere mortals are endless.

How to do Sudarshan puja for protection:

The trained pandit with full rituals and texts of Vedas does the puja. The puja is performed on the behalf of the devotee. The material for puja is almost the same as we have in normal pujas such as Kalasha, coconut, beetle leaves, fruits, ghee, Prasad, hawan kund and the important one is “Sudarshan yantra”. In this puja, the daan has its significant place so one should do Sankalp of anything according to his desire. Generally, annadaan (food or grains), vastradaan (clothes) and dakshina to the Brahmins are mentioned in the scriptures of Hindu mythology.

Importance of Sudarshan puja for protection:

The Sudarshan puja for protection is performed to acquire the peace and thriving of all. As per the writings of Vedas, it is said that lord Vishnu is the lord of insurance and upkeep and his weapon Sudarshan slaughters disasters and devils. He is the inimitable god of the Hindu trinity. The puja serves to uproot all adversaries and escape mishaps. It is performed on any event or favourable starting, looking for triumph, strength, and thriving. This puja can decrease the dread of any issues set to emerge sometime later.

Benefits of Sudarshan puja for protection:

The puja for protection helps in removing the enemies, accidents and any astrological problems coming into the devotee’s life. Devotees perform this puja to seek victory, courage and prosperity in their lives. The puja can dispel the sufferings due to incurable diseases, sorcery or enemies. The puja fills the devotee with positivity and his fear reduces regarding the happenings to be occurring in the future. This puja helps in acquiring peace and prosperity and happiness.


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