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Online Sri Vidhya Puja- The two words Sri Vidhya in Sanskrit simultaneously refer to the stream of Vedic Worship based on mother energy that showers true knowledge which in sequence helps you accomplish the ultimate state of illumination. Performing Sri Vidhya Puja is one of the most authoritative spiritual practices from Vedic beliefs. Several times the Vedic Rishis mentioned that only holy sacred souls have the prospect to perform the Sri Vidya Pooja. Mother energy is the source of abundant kindness and love. When worshipped with deep dedication and fondness, this Mother energy can bring incredible benefits.

Perform Sri Vidhya Puja Online

Sri Vidya Pooja is not a mere ritual. It is a profound meditation. Performing Sri Vidhya Puja is the easiest way to hook up with all the encompassing existential forces in nature. Sri Vidhya puja is executed with the Maha Meru which is a spiritual creation instead of the Cosmos. It has restrained energies polarized and entrenched. For that reason, the Maha Meru symbolizes the whole Universal Energy and the energy within every living and non-living entity. 

Online Vidhya Puja Benefits

Sri Vidhya Puja includes nine completely converting stages which are stated as Avaranaas. The word “Aavarana” in Sanskrit means screen. By going beyond the amusing screens or the Avaranaas, one can reach the immense benefits of the Pooja. The benefits are as follows–

  1. Trilokya Mohana Chakra: This Aavarana give great fame, charm and brains
  2. Sarvaashaa Paripooraka Chakra: This Aavarana helps in fulfilling all desires
  3. Sarva Samkshobhana Chakra: This Aavarana drives out all qualms and worries
  4. Sarva Soubhaagya Daayaka Chakra: This Aavarana imparts wealth and success
  5. Sarvaartha Saadhaka Chakra: This Aavarana helps to achieve goals
  6. Sarva Rakshaakara Chakra: This Aavarana offers the ability for the ultimate defence
  7. Sarva Rogahara Chakra: This Aavarana heals the whole thing
  8. Sarva Siddhiprada Chakra: This Aavarana grants incredible creativity and management
  9. Sarva Anandamaya Chakra: This Aavarana brings extreme happiness, peace and success


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4) We do Live telecast of all puja so you may see your puja at real time on your PC.