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Balaji Jayanti Pooja

BalajiJayanti is being celebrated on the day of Margshirsh Krishna Ashtami. The Pooja is done on this day to celebrate the birth of Lord Balaji. People travel to ancient temple of TirupatiBalaji which is 600 years old to get blessed with Lord Balaji. On this occasion Lord Balaji is decorated with new clothes and new jewellery and MahaAarti is being conducted during the evening. According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that Lord Narada pleaded Lord Vishnu to take care of living beings, so on the special request Lord Vishnu took re-birth as ShriBalaji. The pooja during BalajiJayanti frees the people from all of the fears and bring happiness and prosperity in the life. The pooja also frees the devotees from all of the worries. On the ShardhaNavratri which falls on September every year, maximum number of devotees visits the temple of TirupatiBalaji. It is believed that BalajiJayanti is being celebrated on the 9th day of ShardhaNavratri festival. On this auspicious day people also offer their hair to Lord Balaji which symbolizes the wiping out of ego. BalajiJayantiPooja is done with proper customs and rituals.

When is Balaji Jayanti date in 2014 and 2015

This year the Balaji jayanti will be observed on 5th of

How to do BalajiJayantiPooja

The pooja needs to be performed wholeheartedly and the devotees should keep trust and faith on the Lord Venkateshawara. Devotees visiting Tirumala hills for the Darshan should first check their desires, must have full trust on god, must respect the gurus and must chant the mantras “Om NamoNarayana”, “SaiVengusa”, “Venkatramanna” in the praise of Lord Vishnu and Lord Vekatesha. Devotion and the purity of soul is the main ingredient being offered to balaji. Devotees need to take bath early in the morning, must give angapradakshina and must surrender in the feet of Lord Balaji. Doing this pooja fulfils all the desires of the devotees. People who want to do BalajiPooja at home must offer pooja to the picture of Balaji on Saturday in purattasi month. Kumkum, garlands and shlokas are being offered to Lord Balaji.

Benefits of BalajiJayantiPooja

Doing the Pooja by surrending in the feet of Lord makes the devotees to achieve salvation. Pooja offered to Lord Balaji helps in attaining peace of mind and soul. Lord Balaji helps the devotees to purify their heart and leads to the welfare of other people. Lord BalajiPooja also brings the prosperity in the life of the devotees. Spirituality in the life is being increased to a greater extent and the thoughts become purified and bring self-realization.

Significance of BalajiJayanti

According to Hindu mythology it is being believed that Lord Venkatesh appeared on the earth for the upliftment of humanity and to destroy evilness. The temple of Tirupati is believed to be the vaikuntham of Kalyug. The tirumal hill, small part of mountain Meru is being believed to be brought on earth by the vehicle of Lord Vishnu called Garuda from vaikuntha and hence is considered to be very sacred.

Mantra on BalajiJayanti

vinatavividhabhutavratarakshaikadikshe |
bhavatu mama parasminSemushi bhakti rupa ||


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