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Shubh Muhurat to Start New Business in 2025

Shubh Muhurat to Start New Business in 2025: Your Ultimate Guide to Prosperous Beginnings

Shubh Muhurat 2025 for Starting a new business or opening a new shop is an exciting yet challenging venture. Ensuring the success of your entrepreneurial journey often involves choosing the right time to begin. According to Hindu Vedic astrology, starting a business during a Shubh Muhurat (auspicious time) can bring wealth, growth, and good fortune. Here, we provide a comprehensive guide to the most auspicious dates and times to start a new business in 2025.

Why Shubh Muhurat Matters for New Business Ventures

The concept of Shubh Muhurat is deeply rooted in Hindu traditions. It is believed that beginning significant activities during these auspicious times aligns the venture with positive cosmic energies, ensuring a smooth and successful path ahead. We can determine the best dates for starting a new business in 2025 by consulting the Hindu Vedic calendar and astrological charts.

Detailed Shubh Muhurat Dates for 2025

January 2025

Date Day Nakshatra Time
16 January Thursday Ashlesha 07:46 am to 12:16 pm
27 January Monday Moola 10:08 am to 01:08 pm

February 2025

Date Day Nakshatra Time
01 February Saturday Purva Bhadrapada 04:40 am to 12:08 pm
12 February Wednesday Ashlesha 07:37 am to 10:30 am
14 February Friday Purva Phalguni 07:31 am to 11:57 am
20 February Thursday Vishakha 07:26 am to 09:58 am
24 February Monday Purvashadha 07:22 am to 11:18 am

March 2025: Best dates to start a business in 2025

Date Day Nakshatra Time
01 March Saturday Purva Bhadrapada 07:17 am to 12:54 pm
19 March Wednesday Vishakha 08:12 am to 01:35 pm

April 2025

Date Day Nakshatra Time
02 April Wednesday Krittika 05:17 am to 10:48 am
07 April Monday Pushya 08:33 am to 12:43 pm
20 April Sunday Purvashadha 09:37 am to 12:18 am
28 April Monday Bharani 09:06 am to 01:41 pm

May 2025 Business Muhurat

Date Day Nakshatra Time
07 May Wednesday Purva Phalguni 08:30 am to 01:05 pm
17 May Saturday Purvashadha 07:51 am to 12:26 pm
25 May Sunday Ashwini 11:54 am to 02:12 pm

June 2025

Date Day Nakshatra Time
09 June Monday Vishakha 06:20 am to 08:35 am
18 June Wednesday Purva Bhadrapada 05:54 am to 12:37 pm
28 June Saturday Pushya 07:20 am to 09:41 am
30 June Monday Magha 09:33 am to 11:50 am

July 2025: Shubh Muhurat for new business

Date Day Nakshatra Time
10 July Thursday Purvashadha 03:47 pm to 06:05 pm
19 July Saturday Bharani 05:30 pm to 07:34 pm
20 July Sunday Krittika 03:07 pm to 07:30 pm
26 July Saturday Ashlesha 06:10 am to 12:24 pm
27 July Sunday Magha 04:58 pm to 07:02 pm

August 2025

Date Day Nakshatra Time
06 August Wednesday Moola 04:19 pm to 06:23 pm
07 August Thursday Purvashadha 07:12 am to 09:21 am
11 August Monday Shatabhisha 03:59 pm to 07:46 pm
15 August Friday Ashwini 03:44 pm to 05:48 pm
24 August Sunday Purva Phalguni 06:26 am to 08:14 am
30 August Saturday Vishakha 06:29 am to 02:45 pm

September 2025: New business start dates in 2025

Date Day Nakshatra Time
03 September Wednesday Purvashadha 09:51 am to 04:33 pm
26 September Friday Vishakha 12:59 pm to 06:12 pm

October 2025

Date Day Nakshatra Time
05 October Sunday Shatabhisha 12:23 pm to 04:09 pm
09 October Thursday Bharani 07:29 am to 02:11 pm
15 October Wednesday Pushya 01:48 pm to 06:22 pm
18 October Saturday Purva Phalguni 03:18 pm to 04:46 pm
23 October Thursday Vishakha 06:58 am to 08:54 am
11:12 am to 4:26 pm

November 2025: Shubh Muhurat 2025

Date Day Nakshatra Time
05 November Wednesday Ashwini 10:21 am to 12:25 pm
02:08 pm to 06:35 pm
06 November Thursday Krittika 07:34 am to 2:04 pm
3:31 pm to 6:31 pm
14 November Friday Purva Phalguni 07:27 am to 11:50 am

December 2025

Date Day Nakshatra Time
03 December Wednesday Bharani 07:29 am to 10:35 am
12:17 pm to 01:45 pm
11 December Thursday Purva Phalguni 07:35 am to 10:04 am
11:46 am to 02:38 pm
17 December Wednesday Vishakha 07:39 am to 02:15 pm
03:50 pm to 05:46 pm
21 December Sunday Purvashadha 07:41 am to 09:24 am
11:07 am to 03:34 pm
26 December Friday Shatabhisha 03:15 pm to 07:25 pm
27 December Saturday Purva Bhadrapada 09:01 am to 10:43 am

How to Utilize Shubh Muhurat for Business Success

Choosing the right Shubh Muhurat is a crucial step in ensuring the prosperity of your new business. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of these auspicious times:

  1. Consult with an Astrologer: For personalized guidance, consult a knowledgeable astrologer who can provide detailed insights based on your horoscope and business nature.
  2. Plan Ahead: Schedule important activities like the inauguration, first sale, or signing of major contracts during the Shubh Muhurat.
  3. Positive Mindset: Begin your new venture with a positive and determined mindset, ensuring that your efforts and enthusiasm complement the auspicious time.


Starting a new business or opening a new shop is a significant milestone, and choosing the right time can make a substantial difference. By following the Shubh Muhurat dates provided for 2025, you can align your efforts with cosmic forces, enhancing your chances of success, growth, and prosperity. Whether you’re looking to start a business in January or December, these auspicious times offer a guiding light for a flourishing entrepreneurial journey. Talk to Astrologer now.