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How to celebrate Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is very important in India. It is very special to each and every married lady in our country. This plays very important role in life of bride and groom. This strengthens the bond between two life partners. This festival is celebrated after three days of purnima in the month of kartik.There is a fast of wife for her husband long age.She live whole day without food and water. She can take all these stuffs mean water and food after seeing the moon at night which rises late on that occasion. She drinks water by her husband’s hand and also eaten food by him. This fast is kept by for best wishes from god for happy life. After seeing the moon and drinking water she will be given a gift by her husband.The new bride who has fast for first time that is so exciting to her. She is more careful to this due to her first time. First time of this festval she will be given a gift by family members also. The Indian bride started preparation for this few days before. She has to arrange mehendi on her hands according to this festival.

When is Karwa Chauth

In 2024, this auspicious day will come on Sunday, 20th October.

In 2025, it will celebrate on Friday, 10th October.

In 2026, it will come on Thursday, 29th October.

In 2027, it will celebrate on Monday, 18th October.

Process of Karwa Chauth

At 4’o clock early morning mother in law give a sargi to his daughter in law which includes mathri,gujia,some papads and other.After this while day she can’t take anything till the moom rises at evening late.Then after rising moon can only take stuffs. She has to wear a new saari which has a colour which signifies this festival.Like red or maroon colour is more suitable for this.Full ornaments are wore by her.Perfect looking like bride she has to wear everything.When she opens fast husband gives blessings to him apart from gift.Then whole family members cooperate her to eat the food.They takee dinner together or with family members if ther are present at that time.

Importance of Karwa Chauth

This festival brings tight bonding between husband and wife.It gives enhancement to their relationship. In order to increase the bonding sometimes husband also keeps fasting for their wives. Wives observe this fast for their husbands’ long life and success.

One story is there behind this festival. This is the story of Savitri and Satyavan. At that time long years before Yamraj came in order to take the life of Satyavan. Savitri begged Yamraj for the satyavan’s life. But he refused to give back the life of Satyavan. Then after Savitri kept very hard fasting and leave to drink water and eating food. Due to Savitri’s hard fasting and strong willpower Yamraj had granted her Satyavan’s life with great wishes. After that Karwa Chauth was celebrated on that day for husband’s long life.

Mantra for Karwa Chauth Puja

Say these lines when you offer water to Moon.

Sir Dhadi, Paer Kadi,

Ark Dendi, Sarv Suhagan, Chaubare Khadi……”