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Bhanu Saptami Puja in 2024

Significance of Bhanu Saptami Puja

A day comes on Sunday called Saptami is also called Bhanu Saptami. It has got great significance in Hindu mythology. Surya or Sun has great importance for this and his first appearance is considered auspicious on seven horses. For this reason, it is also called Surya Saptami. Sun is the most powerful in all planets and so it is considered as a king as per Hindu mythology. Its position is in the middle of the entire planet and all planets believe to revolve around it. There is a Mahabhishek performed after sun rays are arrived on Surya Yantra. There is one temple only which is called Shri Navgraha, where God Surya is worshipped. On this day people do Aditya hridyam and other stotras of Surya which makes him happy. Due to this, it is believed the devotees will remain healthy forever. This is mainly worshipped in the Western part of India and South part of India with great pomp and show. To offer Bhanu Saptami Puja, fasting is observed by people for a number of reasons such as a woman performs this fast to get knowledge, widows performs this fast to get free from their widowhood in next birth. Thus there are different believes associated behind worshipping Bhanu Saptami. It is also believed that a person who takes bath at the sunrise time will never see poverty in his life. Hence this puja has got great significance in India.

Bhanu Saptami Puja Dates for the year 2024

Experience the divine energy of Bhanu Saptami in 2024! Mark your calendars for these auspicious Sundays:

  • April 14, 2024
  • August 11, 2024
  • August 25, 2024
  • December 22, 2024

Join fellow devotees in the celebration and embrace the blessings of this sacred occasion.

Procedure Of Bhanu Saptami Puja

The procedure of this puja is very simple but has to be done correctly and with complete devotion in order to get fruitful results. Before sunset people have to take bath in the holy river and Lord Sun is worshipped on this day. Generally women to mark the occasion prepare beautiful rangolis at the entrance of their houses. This is to welcome God to the house. On four corners rangoli is drawn and cow dung in the middle is burnt. Milk is kept for boiling and when it reaches boiling then it is believed that it reaches Sun. Later the Kheer is made which is made up of wheat and grains heap which can be twelve. This can be offered to Sun. This kheer is also taken as Prasad and distributed among all family members. The grains are donated to Brahmans and it is believed that it will be fruitful for them.

Benefits of Bhanu Saptami Puja

Performing fast of Lord Sun is considered helpful for the health of human being. It is believed those Brahmins who usually worship sun will become celestial body after death. Women who perform this puja are believed to gain knowledge in their life. Puja and fasting is done with full devotion and happiness. This is the most important day of worshipping Lord Sun. Sun being a superficial power is believed to give fruitful results to all his devotees. The Puja must be performed with all rules and regulations to get better results. All the mantras which are related to this puja must be performed properly so as to get fruitful results. If the mantras are recited properly, then only they can be believed to prove beneficial.

By doing Bhanu Saptami puja, you can get prosperity, wealth and peace of mind. Also it brings happiness in the family and so is considered essential for the well being of every member of the family. So you should also worship Sun and do Bhanu Saptamai puja in order to get rid of all the worries. But do it with full devotion and in the correct manner.