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Puja for Diwali in 2024


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Puja for Diwali

Diwali is a standout amongst the most mainstream and loved Indian festivals. All the Indians around the globe celebrate this excellent festival of light. Lakshmi Pooja is a standout amongst the most critical characteristics of Diwali festivals.

Lakshmi, who is acknowledged as the goddess of light, excellence, favourable luck, and fortune, is adored on the event of Diwali to bring success in life. She is additionally worshipped to realize victory and fortune. Legends say that she does not dwell long with any individual who is lethargic and untidy or wants her main as rich. That is the reason before the Lakshmi Pooja, individuals actively cleaned their homes and loved her with colossal dedication.

Lakshmi is said to be the girl of the sage Bhrigu. Legends say that she took shelter in the sea of milk when the divine beings were sent into outcasts. Lakshmi was reborn when Lord and Demon beat the sea to get ‘amrut’, the beverage of immortality. However as the God had a flash of Lakshmi, they all became hopelessly enamoured with her entrancing exquisiteness. Above all else, Shiva guaranteed Lakshmi as his wife, yet as he had been given the Moon, Lakhsmi’s marriage was performed with Vishnu, who was additionally inclined toward the decision by the Goddess.

How to perform Lakshmi Puja for Diwali

Lakshmi Pooja is performed in an extremely particular way. As a matter of first importance, the whole place for the pooja is cleaned and a higher stage with a new cloth over it is made for the Goddess establishment. A kalash (pitcher) made of gold, silver, copper, or terracotta is then put over it with a handful of grains at the base. Three-fourth of the Kalash is then loaded with water and a betel nut, a blossom, a coin, and some rice is set in it. The Kalash is then enhanced with mango leaves and covered with a plate holding rice grains. It is favourable to draw a lotus with turmeric powder (haldi) over the rice grains and then afterwards place the icon of goddess Lakshmi over it, as well as coins.

Once the Goddess is established, the Pooja is performed. Lord Ganesha is also worshipped in addition to the Goddess. It is said that venerating two of them together is extremely promising and it unites shrewdness and fortune. The symbol of Ganesha is set in front of the Kalash, on the right (South-West heading). It is said that putting ink and books identified with your business or occupation on the stage before him will carry intelligence and learning.

Provided that you need to do a far-reaching pooja you can offer sandal paste, saffron paste, fragrance (it), haldi, kumkum, abeer, and gulal to the goddess as well as a garland of cotton dabs. Blossoms uniquely marigolds and leaves of Bel, wood fruit is additionally recognized to be the most beloved of Goddess Laksmi. In addition to earthen lights, you can likewise light an incense stick, dhoop and perform an intricate havan. At the finish, the aarti for goddess Lakshmi ought to be performed.



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