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Importance of Naga Panchami Puja

Naga Panchami Pooja is very important to do to remove all the negative vibes i.e. dosha from the life of an individual. When all the planets come in the axis of Rahu and Keta then the individual is very much prone to negative vibes in the life. Naag Panchami dosha has adverse effects in one’s life as it creates pains and causes hindrances in the work of natives. Therefore it is required that the person who has Kal Sarpa dosha should perform Pooja to remove all of the malefic effects. This Pooja brings peace and harmony in the life of an individual.

How to do Naag Panchami Pooja

Naag Panchani Pooja starts with bathing and wearing of traditional dresses. Sweets made up of coconut and ladoos made up of black sesame seeds are being prepared at home for the holy offering to the Lord of the Serpents. For the Pooja, snake idols made up of clay is being prepared and is made to bathe in milk. After that tikka made up of turmeric and red vermillion powder is applied on the forehead of the idol and aarti is recited in front of idol by lighting up of diya. After the Pooja sweets are offered to Lord Snake and the milk which was used for snake is distributed as Prasad to relatives and visitors. Fast is also being kept to make happy to Lord Snake.

Significance of Naag Panchami Pooja

Naag Panchami is being celebrated during Sharav Maas and hence on this day, no digging of land or ploughing of field is done. The serpents live beneath the land and if a person digs the land then it may happen that snake could get hurt. People put the snake idols in front of their house in order to protect themselves from all the evil energies as it is considered that God’s snake shields the person from negative vibes. It is believed that Lord Krishna fighted with Naga Kalia to put an end to his evil deeds on the day of Naag Panchami. Therefore, along with the Lord Snake Lord Krishna is also being worshipped to get the power like him to destroy the evilness in the life.

Naag Panchami in 2024 and 2025

This year Naag Panchami Pooja will be done on 09th of August 2024, Friday.


the  year 2025, Naga Panchami date  is on 29 July 2025, Tuesday

Benefits of Naag Panchami

The main benefit of Naag Panchami Pooja lies in abolishing all the curses from the life of an individual so that he can enjoy every part of his life without any hindrances.

Mantra on Naag Panchami

On Naag Panchami mantra that should be recited is “Om Kurukulye Hum Phat Swaha”. The Naag Panchami mantra should be recited either 11, 21 or 108 times to remain shielded from all the negative effects of Kal Sarpa dosha.

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