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Online Puja Booking Services From Live Puja Yagya

Experience hassle-free and fully Vedic Scripture-adhered online puja services by verified pandits at Live Puja Yagya. We provide an array of online puja services at affordable prices with genuine Puja, Yagya, and Homam processes. No matter where you are and in which temple you want your Puja to be performed, contact Live Puja Yagya for online puja booking at your own pace.

Our one-stop digital puja services allow you to perform diverse Hindu religious ceremonies including Abhishekam, Anushthan, Jaap, Homa, Katha, Pathh, Graha Shanti Puja, Tithi Pujas, Dev/Devi Puja, special puja, and more maintaining all Bidhi and Bidhans depicted in Hindu Vedic Granthas. Live Puja Yagya is a popular pooja booking online service provider you can rely on indeed.

What is Online Puja?

Online puja is a way to perform puja or other religious rituals through a digital podium. Once you select the online puja booking service at Live Puja Yagya, a verified and experienced Pandit Ji will perform the puja (you will choose) on your behalf. You can participate in the PUJA and YAGYA actively through our live-streaming, or attend the puja at the temple personally. We offer easy and verified Pooja booking online services for people all over India. 

Right away open up your path to get connected with the divine grace through online puja services at Live Puja Yagya. When you want any particular puja or an array of Pujas/Rituals/Homam/Pathh to be performed but have no time or facility to arrange all puja samagris or places, Live Puja Yagya is here at your service. Our online puja booking services cater to comprehensive pooja needs daily and perform the pujas across numerous temples (precisely referred by our clients) in the presence of experienced purohits/pandits. To immerse into the divine vibe, you can participate in live puja streaming or visit the Puja Sthan if you wish.  

Live Puja Yagya Provides Many Online Puja Services

Live Puja Yagya is one of the renowned online puja booking services in India. Anyone from anywhere can avail of a plethora of puja services online to accomplish diverse Vedic Rituals and Spiritual purposes just at their fingertips at Consider Live Puja Yagya as your virtual companion to cater to your online puja service essentials and dive deep into the spiritual realms to experience holy grace. We allow our users to engage and participate in Hindu religious rituals through Live-Streaming from the comfort of their homes. Our pooja booking online services go beyond geographical boundaries and time limitations.

Be it a puja to start a new event in your life, to celebrate special occasions including birthdays, weddings, Griha Prabesh, Namakaran Bidhi, or puja to observe any special Tithi or auspicious event; Live Puja Yagya is here to assist you with miscellaneous online puja services. Just select the specific puja category from the list given on our website, add it to your cart, make payment and you are done. You can find a list of pujas and homam once you click the tab “Pooja Pathh”. Choose the puja you want us to perform on your behalf through our hassle-free online puja booking service and experience a truly personalized puja bidhi sitting at your place.

We, Live Puja Yagya are gladen to announce that we have expanded our online puja booking services beyond digital spaces. Now, we perform all types of pujas at different temples at the request of our clients. We have a large team of verified Pujaris, Karmakandi Priests, and Brahmins who are well-versed in Vedic Puja Rituals and experienced in performing each puja Anushthan with precise Puja Rubrics. Thus, feel free to reach out to the team of Live Puja Yagya, convey your reasons for performing puja online and your wishes to our Pandit Ji, and let your puja be performed with all holy rituals on your desired Tithi and Puja Place.

We, Live Puja Yagya have successfully blended technology with tradition to immerse our client into the spiritual realm that is adorned with the richness and magnificence of Vedic Rituals and Ceremonies.

Why Book Online Puja With Us

Live Puja Yagya has been a one-stop online puja performing platform for years. We are acclaimed as one of the best online puja services for various reasons and the reasons are as follows…

  • Myriad & Reasonably-Priced Online Puja Services: We offer a wide range of puja services to our clients across India with effortless and comparatively better-priced online puja booking facilities. 
  • Personalized Puja Options: We value our clients and their needs beyond anything. 
  • Well-versed Pujaris: We work with only verified and registered pandits or pujaris to perform every puja ritual with the blessings of holy grace. 

Choose Live Puja Yagya to experience hassle-free pooja booking online services based on your needs and preferences. You can easily participate in live puja through video calling or our online steaming option. And, if you wish, you can attend the puja physically as well. 

People Also Ask

No, it is not necessary. But, if you consider opening an account at for online puja booking, you can earn benefits in many ways. You can track your service by visiting your account anytime and anywhere. Plus, you will be free to book any puja without repeating your details during the time of final payment. It makes the puja booking service easy for you. 

After the competition of the Puja, we send you only non-perishable articles to your place. Our Prashadam bucket contains only Vibhooti, Kumkum, Sandal Powder/Paste, Coconut, Dry Furits, Cloth, and Flowers. In general, we distribute food and perishable items among devotees and pilgrims in the temple we perform the puja in your name. 

If you feel the necessity to pre-pone or postpone the pooja booking, we are here to help you indeed. However, you need to talk to our team to get better assistance. Based on other booking slots, our team can help you out to pre-pone or postpone the booking. So, we request you to contact us as your earliest if you need to make changes to your pooja booking online service. 

We retain an easy cancellation policy for our clients. For any reason, if you need to cancel the online puja booking service, we request you do it at the earliest. You can contact us at our registered phone number blinking on the website + 91 9171314313 or write to us at We will be happy to help you. 

We would be glad to listen to you and cater to your pooja booking online necessity. But, if you are unable to find the pooja you want our pandit to perform on your behalf, you suggest you contact us right away. We are well-known for providing personalized online puja booking services across India. We will cater to your Puja Performing needs wisely.