Live Puja Yagya

Understanding the Power of Online Sudarshan Yagya

The Sudarshan chakra, a symbol synonymous with the formidable Lord Vishnu, stands as a personification of divine might. It is the very weapon wielded by Lord Vishnu, forged from the purest essence of the sun’s flame. Revered as a male deity, the Sudarshan chakra holds profound significance in absolving sins and dispelling the negative facets of life.

Significance Unveiled

Devotees engage in the Sudarshan Yagya, an auspicious ritual designed to ward off malevolence and thwart adversities. Lord Vishnu is deemed incomplete without the adorned chakra, representing the ‘kriya shakti’—the essential power enabling Lord Vishnu to enact change and dispense justice.

Unravelling the Essence

The Sudarshan Yagya stands as a powerful conduit for ridding life of myriad troubles. Crafted from cosmic energies, the chakra possesses the unparalleled ability to cleanse the existence of its sins. As the pinnacle of Lord Vishnu’s might, paying homage to this power is akin to invoking the blessings of the divine deity.

Performing the Sacred Yagya

The ritual entails intricate steps such as ‘Japa,’ ‘hawan,’ ‘Sankalpa,’ and the chanting of significant mantras, including the Narasimha maha-mantra and Gayatri Dhanvantri mantra. Purity and unwavering faith form the cornerstone of this ritual, wherein devotees, under the guidance of learned pundits, offer their devotion to Lord Sudarshan. The inclusion of tulsi leaves during the ceremony expedites divine favor.

Reaping the Rewards

Devotees seeking a surge of positive energy and liberation from adversaries turn to the Sudarshan Yagya. This potent ceremony has the power to absolve past transgressions and present afflictions. It stands as a formidable shield against the nefarious influence of black magic and malevolent spirits, safeguarding against health issues, financial woes, and the looming spectre of enemies.


The Sudarshan Yagya isn’t just a ritual; it’s a conduit to divine favour, offering solace and liberation to those who seek it earnestly.


1. Who can perform the Online Sudarshan Yagya?
  • The Yagya is open to all devout individuals seeking spiritual cleansing and protection.
2. How often should one perform this ritual?
  • The frequency of the yagya depends on personal devotion and need; some perform it periodically, while others do so during pivotal life moments.
3. Are there specific benefits unique to Sudarshan Yagya Online?
  • Yes, the yagya not only cleanses sins but also acts as a shield against various malevolent influences, offering holistic protection.
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