Yearly Horoscope 2016

Yearly Horoscope 2016 Annual Prediction 2016 by Vedic Astrologer

We at Live Puja Yagya provide you the best services in terms of astrology and an easy to use user-friendly interface to interact with our experts.

The Yearly Horoscope 2016 Report provided by us will cover all the aspects of your life and discuss the problems as well as the solutions you will face in every sphere of your life. The yearly report will start from the date of placing order and not from the beginning of the year, so one receives the full value of money. You can order it anytime of the year and you will get the complete prediction of your life for one complete year.

The Yearly Astrology Predictions  Report consists of the following –

  • The Birth Ascendant, Moon Sign, and Nakshatras, as per the Vedic Astrology at the time of Birth
  • Dasha or the planetary movements in Horoscope Chart and How will they influence one’s life
  • Love and Romance predictions for the entire year
  • Marriage and Marital Life Predictions for the entire year
  • Education, Money, Career, and Financial aspects for entire year
  • Health Predictions for one year
  • Predictions of travelling in the entire year
  • Predictions of purchasing or selling a Vehicle or property
  • Vedic remedies and result oriented Vedic Mantras to decrease the negative effect and increase the positive energy around you

The main aim to provide yearly Horoscope predictions is customer satisfaction.

With our report you will get –

  • Natal Horoscope
  • Effects of Planets during the year and their remedial solution
  • Effects of Dashas and their Vedic remedies
  • Major time to stay cautious and Vedic remedies to be performed
  • Yearly predictions on various aspects of your life

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As soon We will update  this report for Year ahead 2016.

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Created: Wednesday, April 01 2015
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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