Bagalamukhi Jayanti Anushthan Puja 14 MAY 2016 Saturday

Get divine assistance – worship Devi Bagalamukhi Anushthan puja on Jayanti

date 14 May 2016 Saturday

Amongst the 33 crore Gods and Goddesses in the Hindu Mythology, there are ten great wisdom Goddesses and Devi Bagalamukhi is one of them. She is believed to have hypnotic powers and often worshipped to smash delusions as well as threats. Therefore, those who are suffering from court cases or need to have a victorious outcome, or even want to get rid of the deceits caused by their enemies; often take shelter and seek help and victory from Devi Bagalamukhi. With her cudgel, she turns the evils of the enemies function against them. However, in order to please her, the devotees need to maintain a very strict and thorough procedure of worship.

Bagalamukhi puja benefits:

Worshipping Devi Bagalamukhi has its own set of benefits that are quite different from worshipping the other ten mahavidyas or great wisdom Goddesses. According to the Hindu mythological beliefs, if you offer a – or puja to Devi Bagalamukhi, it will protect you from your enemies. In fact, she also has the power to turn the evils that are caused to her devotees, act on the enemies. She is an array of occult powers that she bears in her face. Having the power to control and capture in her face, she has been referred to as the “crane-faced Goddess” in many sections of Hinduism.

However, the reason for worshipping her has been concentrated in those cases where the devotees have been facing legal trouble. Any kind of legal problems and adverse circumstances can be avoided and manipulated against the trouble causer, if you religiously and devotedly worship Goddess Bagalamukhi. If you want to protect yourself and your family from unnatural events and mishaps and make sure that any possibility of occurrence of accidents can be avoided, you must know how to worship Devi Bagalamukhi.

How to do Bagalamukhi Puja:

It is an extremely thorough practice to worship Goddess Bagalamukhi and please her to get her blessings. Failing this will end up upsetting her and parting with her blessings and the opportunity to get rid of the difficulties. According to the Hindu Mythology, Devi Bagalamukhi was born on Vaishakh Shukla Ashtami ad it is on this day that she is worshipped. It is an extensive Tantric worshipping that is guided by an experienced Tantric. Having a fast, wearing yellow coloured clothes and sitting on a platform covered with yellow cloth is mandatory.

The devotee should face towards east and keep a photo of Devi Bagalamukhi in front of him. The main ingredients for this puja are yellow rice, yellow flowers, haridra and dakshina. A yantra made up of chickpeas must be kept on a silver utensil and then the mantras must be chanted.

Importance of Bagalamukhi Puja:

Worshipping of Ma Bagalamukhi will turn the hostile people become friendlier to you and destroy your enemy’s intellect. Offering the same effect of black magic, this puja will let you have your enemy’s black magic effects upon you, turn against them. Therefore, those of you, who are feeling that they seek divine help, must worship Devi Bagalamukhi for assured results.

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Category: Festival 2015

Created: Wednesday, April 27 2016
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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