Venus Transit in Capricorn 2014

Venus-in-CapricornOn 28th February, 2014 Venus will be transiting to the zodiac sign Capricorn. Venus is considered to be friendly planet of Saturn and will be joining the retrograde Mercury. This transition will affect the various zodiac signs in a different manner.


The problems may be faced in the personal life. Some of the results may also get delayed. The problems from the children side may also be faced. Domestic life should be paid attention. It is advised not to get involved in any type of speculations. The planet Venus and Saturn will be joining hands.


During this period you will be involved in religious activities. The digestive problem may arise, so be careful with your stomach. The long travels are also foreseen. This transition will give the name and fame which will increase the value in the society.


This transition will make you to earn wealth from the opponents. The confidence level needs to be maintained properly. Avoid dual nature, as this can harm your personality.


The professional life will give you benefits that will make the work front to go smooth. The benefits will also be achieved from the spouse and family. It is advised to take care of the health as the major health issues can arrive.


Venus transit will help you to make lot of money, but at the same time there will be a lot of expenses. The health needs to be cared a lot as there are health problems on the card. Investments in the real estate and on the immovable objects will be done.


Beginning will be good but at the later point of time some problems may arise. There will be some losses and delays, but the interests in arts, music and romance will increase and the Virgo’s in these fields will make their benefits.


The name and fame is there on the cards and will make you to achieve the goals that you desire. You will make new contacts that will help you in the professional work front. There will be some setbacks at the later phase of life.


Some troubles will be faced as the ascendant Lord will get afflicted. This transition will not be favorable for you. The new contacts will be developed and there will be many friends who will help out during this transition.


Venus will be transiting to the second house, known as the house of money, even though Venus is the ruler of 6th and 11th house. But, you will not be benefited much on the financial front. For the time being you will earn name and fame but not the money. You will not be able to achieve big things but small things will be achieved.


This transition will help you to find your love as Love is in the air. Married couple will spend time together which will make their love eternal. The inclination towards the human nature will not be much.


The transit will force you to change the residence or the office location. This transition will make you to spend on useless things. You will go against the society which will make your social life to go down.


Monetary gains, name and fame will be achieved. This transition will prove to be a very good time for you. Short trips are on the cards. Gains from unexpected places are possible. It is advised not to eat outside as this can harm your health.


Created: Monday, February 24 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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