Venus Transit in Aquarius 2015

This year there will be transition of the planet Venus in the zodiac sign Aquarius on 23rd January. The planet Venus is considered to be the planet of luxuries, love and beauty. This transit is going to affect each and every individual’s life. This planet will later on leave for zodiac sign Pisces on 15th February 2015. Venus is considered to be the friendly planet and loves beauty, show-off, travelling, lavish life etc. The individuals who are running through the Bhakuti – Antara period of Venus will feel romantic during this period. There are various effects on the different zodiac signs.

  1. Aries: this year you could face some of the health hazards but these would be temporary. You need to be cautious about your health so that the things are maintained in life. You will spend the money on the lavish things. You will get attracted towards the opposite sex of the natives. The women will use the beauty products in huge amount. There are also some of the religious activities that you are going to perform. There is going to be the large amount of expenses.
  2. Taurus: this year your spouse will make new friends and will enjoy with them and will have some new happenings. Your spouse will also gain some money. This year you are going to come in the limelight as your professional life will improve to the great extent. You will have some of the short trips for amusement. You will have the good time with your family also. You will be determined and aggressive in attaining your goals.
  3. Gemini: this year your professional life will be very good as either you may get promoted or can get increment and also you will have the new responsibilities with you. You will also be travelling to different pilgrimages. There are also the chances of changing the job. You will also buy some of the technical things with the money that you have saved since longer period of time. If you have some of the legal things then you will hear the positive news.
  4. Cancer: there can some of the health problems this year. The men might face the genital problem while the women can face the fluid discharge problem. You need to change your lifestyle therefore you also need to do some of the meditation. For the entire transit you will have the good feeling and the people who are married will enjoy their life a lot.
  5. Leo: this year you are going to enjoy your personal life a lot. There will be peace and harmony between you and your partner. You might be involved in some of the experimental things. You will have the expenditures but it will be on useful things. It is advised not to go for the speculations this year.
  6. Virgo: you will be involved in bad deeds especially for those whom you dislike a lot or with whom you are jealous. This year you will not achieve the good fame. You can also fall into the problem due to the written communication. Married people will enjoy their life a lot.
  7. Libra: this year you will not be lucky in the legal matters. You can also fall into the disputes with your colleagues. Personal and professional life both are in good situation. If you are single then you might also get indulged into the liking with someone. You need to be ensure about your eating because your stomach may face a problem.
  8. Scorpio: this year Venus is going to be very friendly to you as it will transit into the 4th house which is ruled by planet Moon in Kaalpurush Kundali. You need to change your sleeping habits. You or your spouse will have the promotion in the professional life. The unexpected things will be easily done this year.
  9. Sagittarius: the Venus will be transiting into the third house and this will make you to go away from your beloved one but this thing will be temporary. There is going to be some of the financial loss also. You will have the thoughts of writing articles. There will be sudden setbacks or hurdles in your life.
  10. Capricorn: you will be managing your thoughts in a proper manner and will not let the feelings coming out on your face. Your nature and your tone will become soft towards everyone. The married life will be cool so you enjoy your life. You will face the expenditures so you need to be very cautious about it.
  11. Aquarius: this year you need to be very cautious about your health. You might have the disease of diabetes. You will have the new friends and the professional life will be managed. You will have the good communication skills this year. You might also earn some of the money by sudden chances.
  12. Pisces: this transit will bring the happiness in your life. You will be inclined towards the spirituality. You will have both the personal and professional life going good. You might also travel this year. There can also be some of the health problems so you need to be very cautious about it.


Category: Predictions

Created: Monday, January 26 2015
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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