Venus Planet effect on love life

The planet Venus is considered to be the planet of love relationships and physical relationships. If the planet Venus is affiliated than there will be the harm in one’s marriage life. The marriages are made in heaven and this is true and we need to accept it. People need to come in the relationship together so that they can make themselves compatible with each other and can know the meaning of adjustments. Generally people believe that they will live the sweet moments of their life with each other and will be able to do little adjustments but this is not the reality, the harsh reality is that if you want the marriage life to be perfect than you need to have the physical relationship so that you can please the other person. This is the only ingredient that can make the married life happy and peaceful.

There are five more planets that in addition will affect the marriage life a lot and these five planets are: – Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Saturn along with the addition of twelfth lord of horoscope. Due to all these planets there will be disaster in the marriage life. The planet Venus is the only main planet that is the indicator of marriage and physical relationship. The other planets that are associated with the physical relationship are: –

  1. Planet Venus – this planet rules the external reproductive organs of females and the males.
  2. Planet Mars – this planet rules the blood circulation and aggression.
  3. Planet Moon – this planet rules the emotions, love, lust and romance.
  4. Planet Saturn – rules the physical inclinations, impotency.
  5. Planet Rahu – married women and men.
  6. Planet Mercury – rules impotency and flirtations.

The houses that are linked to physical relationships are: –

  1. 5th house: – imagination and thoughts.
  2. 7th house: – internal sex organs and physical relationships.
  3. 8th house: – external reproductive organs, loss of reputation.
  4. 9th house: – extra marital relationships.
  5. 12th house: – bed pleasures.

The combination of two planets Venus and Mars in horoscope brings the overindulgence in the physical relationship and the planet Mars adds the aggression into it. There is an unusual physical inclination that happens due to the retrograde of the planet Venus or Mars. Due to this, there will be no proper relationship in the marriage. Individuals with such planetary positions will have the things in extreme like either the person will abstain from physical relationship or will carry the thing in extreme. The planets Saturn and Rahu will create the phobia towards the physical relationship.

The position of the planet Saturn in 3rd, 6th, 10th or 12th house will make the person more fascinated towards the real love rather than having intercourse. The planet Saturn will bring the separation in the marriage life. With the help of astrologer’s advice you can make all the things better so that you are having a proper life.

Created: Saturday, November 29 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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