Valentine Day Gifting Ideas


Aries natives love to party and Valentine Day is a special occasion that nonetheless can be celebrated like any other occasion. Aries loves to be centre of attraction, so it is important that you plan activities with spotlight on them. Put your imagination to best of its use and think about an out of box idea for gifting something to Arians. They get appeased with luxurious and attractive gifts. Challenging gifts like puzzles, gadgets etc can also be a great option for the Aries. If you are planning to gift clothing or accessories, it should be related to head or face.


With Venus as their ruler, Taurus natives prefer luxury and sensuality. They enjoy and appreciate good things in life. To impress them you can take them to diner date in an expensive restaurant. You can further add some surprise to your date by gifting some collectible item. Another idea is to take Taurus natives to a long drive to bring some fun in their monotonous life. Gift them an exquisite jewelry or latest gadget. Since Taurus zodiac, rules neck and throat, hence gifting them, necklaces, earring, pendants, scarves and other accessories will appeal them a lot.


For Gemini variety is an important spice in life. They may like something in a moment and may dislike it in the next. So, best gift you can give to your Gemini lover is an exciting pack of variety of big and small gifts. Gemini natives can be sometimes confusing but they are not hard to please. Conversation is the best method to get to know what goes in the mind of Gemini natives. Gifting them a Smartphone is the best idea. Gemini zodiac rules arms; hands, collarbone, and lungs, hence, shirts, coats, rings, gloves etc are the best gifting ideas.


Cancer natives are emotional and sentimental. They hold loving gestures and thoughtful gifts close to their heart. If you are planning to gift them something make sure your gift reflects the expression of unconditional love. This will give them a feeling of mental security in the relationship. A photo album or a collage of your pictures wrapped attractively with personalized note on the top can melt the heart of Cancer natives. You can even gift them things related to food, and kitchen like cook books, home appliances, decorated artifacts etc.


The natives under Leo zodiac like to treated like kings. To please Leo natives it is important that you buy stuff as per their choice. Buy quality products and it should have functionality in form of some amusement. You can gift them an all expenses covered holiday package. You can invite them to a party and can add expensive wine with attractive flower arrangement to the menu.


Virgo zodiac are analytical and perfectionist in all the endeavors of their life.  Due to this they are a lot demanding and pleasing them is an easy job. However, still it requires some efforts. Virgo natives do not trust someone easily. You need to devote your time and effort to make them fall in love with you. Gift them stuff like digital diaries, calendars, organizers, gadgets, stationery and practical stuff to them. These might not look romantic but till touch the right chord of Virgos. All they need is your love and support. If you cannot think of something give them an all expenses covered holiday package.


Libra natives are the most romance seeking person. Romance is the essence of their life. They might not show this characteristic but being their lover you need to know it and honor this need of Librans.  Shower your love to them this valentine and bring stylish, sophisticated and generous gifts to them that can be scented candles, fragrances, balloons, teddies etc. It is not important to gift an expensive items but it should be unique and beautiful. You can even gift Librans an exquisite limited edition items and spa vouchers along with some home décor items.


Scorpions are an intense, passionate and demanding lover. They crave the attention of their lover undividedly. A gift which reflects your love, respect and affection towards Scorpio partner would be a great choice. As long as your heart and eyes are focused on them, Scorpions are satisfied with whatever gift you give them. You can buy perfumes, suspense thriller novels, jewelry or even exotic red wine can make up the mood of your lover on valentine day.


Sagittarians are impulsive, freedom and fun loving. They love to go with flow and like to wait patiently to see what happens next. Sagittarians love meeting people and try new things. You can take your Sagittarian lover to a beautiful place for vacation. You need not to worry about the last minute cancelation of plan as Sagittarians are adventure and fun seeking individual. You can also gift them something that may help them to understand different culture and improve their overall personality.


If you are in love with a Capricorn native you can relax and have fun. As Capricorn natives do not expect much from you. Capricorn natives are all about constancy and genuineness and many of them do not like to show off their love on a day like Valentine day. Since, they do not expect much you can please them with a little but real gesture. You can gift them something that touch their chord. It can be something related to past memory or a moment of nostalgia. Exclusive pens, wrist watches, bags etc are some ideas of gifts.


Choose something that has an element of surprise. The Aquarius natives like to read and study. They also keep a close eye on their surroundings. You can gift Aquarians writing material, books, travel packages or an exclusive pen. Gifting electronic gadgets is also a great idea. If you are planning to buy apparel, purchase something that make your lover stand out of crowd in the party.


Pisces are sensitive dreamer and would love it when their lover will bring a gift for them. You should give them something that is full of love and affection. Adding a personal touch to your gift will even make it more attractive. Chocolates, flower, body and bath products, perfumes, essential oils are some best ideas to gift your valentine on this valentine day. You can even gift them a precious stone.

Created: Tuesday, February 11 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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