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Pooja for Love and Marriage

This pooja has the special significance in the life of the person where he is looking for the love and the desired partner in the life. People also do this pooja to remove all the obstacles in the love life and to marry quickly to desired partner. It makes the understanding power between two individuals very strong and avoids the breakup with beloved.

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Pooja for Love

Doing the pooja for love creates the strong attachment between two beloved and brings the loyality and benevolent concern for the good of other partner. It is said that love is universal and is not confined to only one individual but can be for each and every God’s creation.

Love can be considered as the part of the survival and to facilitate the continuation of species. Love and marriages fail to get succeeded either due to enemies or due to lack of compatibility or due to some worse situation where the handling process differs according to each individual. Navgrah Mandir conducts this pooja to remove all such malefic effects that can bring splits between lovers and to ensure that their love life goes smoothly.

Price – Rs 2500 or $51

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Pooja for Marriage

The most significant part in the life of an individual is marriage and after the marriage the life of an individual gets changed totally. Every individual had to face problems, obstacles and had to fulfil all the responsibilities but with the correct partner one can handle all this properly with the enjoyment.

Every individual wants the partner of his choice and if he/she doesn’t find the right partner then the life becomes more of the burden and a lot of pain is being faced. Most of the people do not get the chance to get the right partner and in this case pooja for love plays a very vital role in the married life. Marriage is just not the contract between two individual but it is the matter of commitment between husband and wife. It is believed that in married life both are equal and are supplement to each other and cannot complete the life without each other. Thus, marriage is considered to be the way where people learn many new

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things with experience and also helps in spiritual growth.

In the Navgrah mandir all the special sadhnas are being performed so that he men can get good wife and the girl can get good husband to fulfil all the desires of the life and to live the life joyfully.

Vedic Pooja to remove obstacles from marriage and relationships

Katyayani Pooja to remove delay in marriage

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Uma Maheshwar for happy and prosperous married life

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Life is considered to be very precious and hence every individual tries to achieve more and more comforts in material pleasure than in spiritual fulfilment. Vedic Pandit performs all the pooja with vedic rituals to please the Goddess, to get in return the love and affection from the partner.

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Created: Tuesday, February 05 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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