The Thirty-two forms of God Ganapati

 The Thirty-two forms of God Ganapati

The eradicator of every Hurdle (Avighna), the Lord and God of all the Lords (Ganapati) and the one who can bless utmost success in life (Siddhivinayaka); these are some of the names and forms by which we worship and call Lord Ganesha. The 4 handed God has various roops, and his count of hands can go even further up to 16 hands or even 20 hands.

All of his hands always have specific items and symbolic things on them. In fact some objects are also put around his feet. Some of these objects can be flowers, fruits, sweets and even tools, equipments and weapons that are very spiritual in nature. That is the reason why God Ganesha is worshipped and prayed in various types and kinds of forms. They are 32 in number, so let us take a look at them and see what they stand for;


Bala Ganapati: This literally means the Childish Lord with a hue of golden color. Here, he holds a mango, banana, jackfruit and sugarcane in his arms; totally depicting earth’s fertile land and strength. Over his trunk, the Lord keeps his most preferred sweet, called the modak.

Taruna Ganapti: This means the youthfulness of the lord. Here, he keeps a goad, noose, modak sweet, apple wood and rose apple. The rest he keeps over his 8 arms is sugar cane, a tusk that is broken and also a bunch of paddy. Lord has a very vibrant red color which depicts youthfulness.

Bhakti Ganapati: It can be depicted as a bunch of flowers garlands and the shine over the full moon at the time of the harvesting season. This form of Ganapati Ji is very near and dear to all followers, and he is indeed very marvellous to look at in this form. With him, he has a mango, coconut, banana and a cup of payasam sweet pudding.

Vira Ganapati: The Valour warrior, as he takes the charge of the situation. All of his 16 arms flatter with weapons and icons of powers like a goad, discus, arrow, bow, sword, spear, shield, mace, a trident, a battleaxe and many more.

The Lord with a power in his knees and with 4 arms—The Shakti (power) Ganapati, or the powerful one, that guards houses with a reddish orange hue. He keeps a flower garland with his noose and the goad, while he also blesses people with his abhaya mudra.

Dvija Ganesh: the 4 headed God who has born twice. He is just like the color of moon, as he holds a goad, a noose, a scripture with ola leaf, a water vessel, a staff and even japa beads. He is the epitome for discipline striving and the need of it.

The yellow Siddhi Ganesha, the Golden Lord or better known as the accomplished. He depicts self-mastering and achievements as he places himself comfortably keeping a flower bouquet, mango, an axe and sugar cane in his hands. His trunk carries sesame sweet.

The God of blessed offerings or the Ucchhishta Ganapati, is known as the saviour of culture. The blue skinned Lord with Shakti and in his other 5 arms keeps with himself a vina, a blue lotus, a pomegranate, mala jap and a paddy bunch.

Vighna Ganapati or the God of all hurdles has a vibrant golden aura and is decorated with Jewelleries.  He has 8 arms, and each of them holds a noose & goad, conch and discus, sugar cane, a bouquet of flowers, flower arrow, an axe and tusk and modaka.

The quick actor with red colored aura and handsomeness around him called the Kshipra Ganesh. He can bestow boons to others as he shows his noose, damaged tusk, part of kalpavriksha or the wish-fulfilling tree and goad. Over his trunk, he keeps a small cup of precious jewels.

He is 5 faced and also white in color; The Heramba Ganesha is the saviour of the weak and his ride is a lion. He displays his powers with japa beads, noose, hammer, axe, garland, tusk, modak and fruits.

The Lakshmi Ganesha is always pearl like white and he bestows successes, positions it with achievements and intellect. Portraying Varada mudra, he keeps with himself a green colored parrot, a sword, a pomegranate, a noose, a goad, a piece of kalpavriksha and finally a water vessel.

The Maha Ganapati, has shakti and is red in color with 3 eyes. He keeps with himself his own tusk, a pomegranate, blue lily, a lotus, sugar-cane bow, a discus, noose, a paddy bunch, a mace and a box of gems.

He is 4 armed with a reddish aura moving on a mushika, the Vijaya Ganapati is the Victory sender. His icons are the broken tusk, an elephant goad, a noose and his favourite fruit, a golden mango.

The Nritya Ganapati is the joyous dancer and is 4 armed with a golden tone. He has rings over his fingers and hods a goad, noose, tusk and a modak. He displays his happiness by dancing under or near the kalpavriksha tree.

Bestowed with powers on his left knee the Urdhva Ganesh is the Lord of elevation with a golden skin tone. He has 6 arms and in them he holds a paddy bunch, a sugar cane bow, a lotus, his tusk, an arrow and a water lily.

Ek-Akshara Ganesh or the one syllable one is 3 eyed with a red skin tone and clothes. He keeps a crescent moon over his crown and he sits with a lotus pose over a Mushika and holds a noose, goad and a pomegranate, while he bestows blessings.

Varada Ganesh is the giver of boon, and has the 3rd eye of intellect. He keeps honey, goad and a noose with him in his hands, along with his jewels on his trunk. His shakti is always by him and he has a moon over his crown.

Tryakshara Ganapati the god of 3 letters; A, U and M. He is golden in tone and has whisks in his ears. He keeps a damaged tusk, noose, goad and a mango; while he keeps a modak at his trunk.

Kshipra Prasada Ganapati, or the one who rewards quickly, sits over a grass seat. His tummy belly is the epitome of the universe. He keeps with him in his hands a noose, tusk, goad, glotus, pomegranate and a twig of the wish-fulfilling tree.

Haridra Ganapati wears yellow attire and is golden in color. He sits peacefully over a regal and royal throne. He keeps a tusk, a modak, noose and a goad in his hands.

The Single tusk Ekadanta Ganapti; he has a bluish skin tone and big tummy. The icons of his are the axe—which is used for cutting ignorance—beads japas, a laddoo and a damaged right side tusk.

Srishti Ganesha rides over his friend, the mouse and he is the lord of happiness. The red colored god is quite active in nature and keeps a noose, a mango and a goad with him. His own tusk portrays sacrifice for others.

The Dharma preaching god called the Uddanda Ganesh. He has 10 hands and in them he keeps a box of gems, lotus, a mace, a noose, a blue lily, sugar cane, some paddy, a pomegranate, flower garland and His own broken tusk.

Rinamochana Ganesha is a liberator for the humans from any guilt. His alabaster skin tone is draped with red colored silks and he keeps with himself a rose apple, a goad, noose and a white tusk of his own.

The red vibrancy filled Dhundhi Ganesha, who is known as the ‘sough after’. He keeps with himself rudraksh beads, the damaged tusk, pot of gems and an axe. But, the gems are there for donation to his followers and lovers.

Called the Janus by the Romans, the Dvimukha Ganesha has 2 distinguish faces and can see in all 4 directions. He is bluish green in color and is always draped in reddish silk clothes. He has a jewellery crown, a noose, his own tusk and gems in his hands.

The 3 faced Ganesh or the Trimukha Ganapati, he is colored in red hue and he sits over a golden colored lotus. He keeps a noose, beads, a pot of nectar and goad with him. He blesses with his left hand and gestures everything with his right.

The Sinha Ganapati is always white in skin tone, keeps a lion as his ride and portrays another lion in his other hand. He is the icon for power, courage and strength. He keeps with himself kalpavriksha elements, a vina, the lotus flower, a flower based bouquet and box of jewels.

The Yoga Ganapati is always deep with japa. His knees display the meditation pose whilst he holds a sugar cane, yoga staff, noose and beads. His skin tone is just like the morning burning sun while he wears blue.

The invincible Durga Ganesha, he preaches success over black and dark elements. This form of the God is golden deep in color, while being draped in red. He keeps a arrow and bow, a goad and a noose, beads, a rose apple and his own tusk.

Sankatahara Ganesha, the Unhappiness Dispeller, is of the color of just like the sun. His attire is in blue and he always sits over a lotus. His hands are filled with a goad, a noose, cup of pudding and also his famous boon bestowing varada mudra.

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