The story or the legend of the Adhik Maas

The story or the legend of the Adhik Maas

There are many legends and stories associated with the Adhik Maas, and in this article we will talk about it.

As you know, the Adhik, or the maal or purushottam, month has various stories attached to it. According, there are of course 12 month in a lunar year, but with time, there becomes a difference between the Lunar and the solar calendar.

To make sure that the difference is filled, the sages and the holy people decided that extra Adhik Maas had to be included. But, the problem was, there were 12 gods for the 12 month, but none for the additional maas. This made the Adhik month sad, and the confronted God Vishnu and begged his intervention. He argued that, because he had no God with him, he was known as the Malimmucha or the Mal month. And, he said he had come to see asylum and help from the Lord. Thus, Lord Vishu gave him his name and become the Adhik Month’s god. Hence the month is also called Purushottam month.

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God Vishnu also ordered that anyone who does good work like charity, homas and pujas during this period will get maximum benefits in these 30 days. In fact, if a follower does any kind of good deed during this time, he or she will get equal benefit and preference which the follower would have done in 12 months. Thus, such is the pivotal nature of the month.Another legend of the month is set in the ancient days, and it associated with the fast. During the Mal Month vrat or fast, King Nahush was relieved from all captures, and he gained the seat of God Indra.

The Adhik Month’s story

 The story goes like this; once upon a time Devi Lakshmi about the puja procedures and donation cause of the Adhik Maas to God Vishnu. Vishnu told Lakshmi that it is he who is the Lord of this month.

Doing any type of homas, japam or good deeds during this period can yield great benefits, the Akshayphala. Lord Vishnu also added that does who cannot sustain to observe the whole month can also do rituals on only the PakshaAshtami, Navami, Chaturdashi, Dwadashi orPoornima.

 An alternative legend of the Adhik Maas

In the early ages, there was a Brahmana who use to go by the name Kaushika. And his son was Maiterya. He was totally addicted to drinking and kama. One fine day, Maiterya took the life of a Brahmana in a forest. He had taken away all his money and then took refuge at his home. Because he had killed the Brahmana, he was guilty of BrahmanaHatyaDosha and hence the city where he lived got ruined in a fire. The son was taken away by the Yamadoots and was sentenced to KurmeeKunda. He was kept in hell for ten thousand years, and it was only after many years that Kaushikagot wind of the incident. He dug of old books and got a solution to save his son. He did the Adhikmaasvrat and gave 33 exact apoopdaana. The meant his son was saved from the hatyadosha and of course hell. Therefore, you can say, the vrat can help you in various difficult situation by clearing off the sins.

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Created: Saturday, May 09 2015
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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