The significance of Gems Stone for Wear

 The significance of Gems Stone for Wear

As per Vedic astrological traits, malefic or benefit planets or body display results at Madasha, Antardasha and movement. The outcome, from these traits, depends totally over the strength of the planets’ placement on the horoscope. If a planet is considered as weak over the chart, the outcome related to that particular planet or the subsequent house will also become weak despite the fact that the planet can be strong during the movement or transit.

The gem the Stone

Similarly, even Gem stones are recognized as a very powerful element in the astrological department, as it can provide power to planets that are otherwise profitable in anyone’s horoscope. Every single planet has its own individual gem stone as per its gem’s capacity and colour. Each gem attracts the intangible cosmic rays from one designated planet only.

Gems were also very popular in historical times as well, as loads of kings wore them in their body and on their crowns, as it depicted wealth, money and prosperity. It also provided them protection from malefic bodies and planets.

Characteristics of the gems

Gems are generally smooth in nature and very appealing to the eyes. In order to gain the maximum appeal, gems are mostly cut and shaped by proper jewellers. In terms of the Ayurvedic field, the gems are considered special as it has the power to cure various diseases. Ash or the Bhasma of one gem is made through a very special route and it is used in Ayurvedic sciences to curing ailments.

Gems not only possess the optical healing power, metaphysical traits and cosmic substances, but it also provides the power to make a planet favourable to a person’s horoscope. Also, Gems must also be energized with various mantras and chants before it is used. This way, it can give its maximum help to the user.

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Created: Saturday, June 25 2016
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