The Religious importance of the Adhik Maas

The Religious importance of the Adhik Maas

The adhik month or the Purushottammaas is believed as a good period of time, and followers give their total devotion to god during it. In fact, there are various methods by which one can give respect, and doing varats as per their capability is one such variant. Per say, a fast or varat can be done for one whole day without taking any kind of veg food, and by only consuming fruits.

The varats can also be done as per variations of timings; for example for a single day, half a day, a total week, or for a single month. During this time, many different rituals are performed like the recitation of mantras, doing prayers, pujas, havans, or by doing fasts.

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Many followers also perform various good deeds during the time so that they can take over their senses, and in turn wash off their bad deeds and pain. Also, if you do good deeds during the time; you can also take control of the cycle or the rebirth.

So, if you believe you have done any bad deed in the past, or if you have done anything wrong or regretful previously; then this time frame is very profitable for you. That’s because, you can clear off all your bad deeds and sins to ultimately become a respectable person in it.

 This timeframe is also very beneficial for follower who possesses any type of dosh over his birth horoscope or chart. Doing a dosh nivaranpujan can give him or her, the positive results. The month is very godly in nature, and it occurs after every 2 or 3 years. Also, you can also make this month even more holy if you decide; to read any type of holy katha or book, jaap god’s name, and offer prayers.

Observingpatha ofbhavishyottarpurana, shrimadbhagwatpuran, the shrivishnupuran, during this month can also gain you a very prosperous filled life.  The rituals like thehavan and prayers possess the authority to eradicateall your sins, guilt and give you a good life.

 Profits of theadhikmasavrat;

  • You can easily ascertain metal bliss and peace and also give yourself the life you deserve. You can do this by doing fast during the month. The varat during this time is equal to 100 yagnas.

  • You can also give your life all the joy, and fulfill up all your dreams if you do the vratas with a pure mind and heart. The almighty will bestow you powers so that you can understand your life path and also leave your bad past behind.

  • Doing this vrat can also help you to get away from your guilt or bad deeds of karma, and give you a chance to start over again.

 Adhik Maas Daan donations

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Doing any type of charity, donation or daan during this time or beyond is vital. The most perfect way to do charity is to do the guptdaan. These types of charities gain the most vital appreciation amongst all types of donation. In these, you should have a pure mind and heart and should not expect anything in return. The donation can help you to clear of all bad deeds.

Not only monetary aid, but helping a person is also charity.

 Also, if you possess any type of unfavorable damage from any of theNavagraha, then you can do any type of charity of food or clothes. This can help you to lower abate the effect of it.

 Organizing any type of Bhandara for the people who are poor can also give you happiness and bliss in life. Also, if the Bahandara is organized over a holy location for the people who are hungry and poor, and also for the Brahmins, then it will boost the importance of the occasion. Followers can charity as per their wishes, and doing donations can aid you to make your life better by removing ghara problems or doshas.

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Created: Saturday, May 09 2015
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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