The Murugan Puja

The Puja of the Skanda Shashti will start from 17th November in the year 2015 and will be celebrated for six days i.e. till 22nd November. This puja is done in all the Murugan temples of Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu. The Lord that is worshipped on this day is Karthikeya and has six faces therefore this puja is done for six days. To get the maximum benefits from this puja one should observe the fast for the six days and should enchant the mantra of the Kanda Shashti Kavacham. The stotra of Subramanya Bhujanga can also be recited.

The Lord Murugan is generally being worshipped with his companion named Valli and Devyani. The companion Valli represents the power of will i.e . the Shakti of Icha while the companion Devyani represents the effort and power of work i.e. the Kriya Shakti. The Lord Murugan is placed in the middle of the two companions and represents the power of divine i.e. the Shakti of Gyan. The individuals born with good wisdom is considered to have the blessings of the Loed Murugan. This festival of six days is generally celebrated to remove the ill effects from the life of individual and to destroy all the bad powers from the universe. On the last day of the festival i.e. on the sixth day the Lord Murugan is taken out for procession. To celebrate the day people generally create the idol of asura and then from the spear of Lord Murugan idol they destroy the asura.

There are six major temples of Lord Murugan in Tamil Nadu and they are:-

  • Palani
  • Tiruthani
  • Tiruparankundram
  • Tiruchendhur
  • Palamuthircholai
  • Swamimalai

On this festival people from various places come over here and actively participate in this festival. The celebration is very good during these days. Some of the people reach the temple through Padyatra from long distances and also carry the pot of milk for abhishekam.

There is a temple named sikkil which routes to rameshwaram. Here people celebrate the festival with full of joy and enjoyment and pray for the removal of all the evil energy from their mind and heart. The date of the year 2016 can also be found for this festival and therefore it will be celebrated from 5th of November.

Created: Thursday, November 20 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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