The connection between astrology and obesity

The connection between astrology and obesity

Obesity can kill you regularly; as it can easily cause BP issues, arthritis, heart issues, thyroid and other things. If a person suffers from weight problems he can be very low with confidence and also skip social meetings. Because of their sedentary lifestyle, most middle and upper-mid class people suffer from this problem. Today, one-tenth of earth’s population suffer from it and the rate is getting more and more.

When a people eats too much of extra calories with his or her food, it in return turns into fat. If the metabolism is robust then the fat does not affect them. This is also the reason why some people do not lose their fats quickly as their metabolism is quite slow.

The metabolic levels also slow down as we age up in life and hence we gain weight during our midlife. Overweight people are also ignored at marriage websites.

As per astrology, people who are born with water based signs (that are Scorpio, cancer and Pisces) are mostly overweight. Affected moon, venus, rahu, Jupiter in all forms and lagnas or thanks to his lords, makes an individual obese.

The 9th houses of these people are affected because of its lords, the weight problems also run in the family too. People who are born with the dates of 3, 6 and 4 are likely to gather weight quicker. In fact the 4 people are always under most stress.

The dasa, antardasa are generally of moon, planet Venus, Jupiter and the Rahu. People who are covered by Mars and the Sun have a quick metabolism and they can consume anything they like. The king of 2nd house rules over the eating and the Karaka moon, and if Rahu and Saturn dictate it terms, the person can eat unhealthy foods. People who are with Venus and Jupiter can eat more sweets. While mars ones are the ones who eat hot and spicy foods.

The solution to all this is changing the lifestyle. The person in question should drink 5 to 4 litres of water daily as it can clear off all body toxins. Diet change won’t work for long, as the body will have adapted to it first.

Taking water from yellow or red pyramid can be beneficial as it can increase your metabolism. And one should eat as per quantity need, age and weight. The perfect weight should be derived by calculating height multiplied by CMS and removing 100 over it. For instance; 160 CMS guy should have a weight of 60 KGS. For astro help you can take aid of an expert.

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Created: Sunday, July 31 2016
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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