Teachers day

Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s day is celebrated with great joy and happiness to pay tribute to all the teachers. On 5thSeptember, teacher’s day is celebrated in India. But most of the countries celebrate this day on October 5th. That’s the reason; 5th October has been renowned by UNESCO as World Teacher’s Day accepting the “Suggestion relating to the status of teachers”.  Teacher’s Day is the special day celebrated annually just like other special days, we celebrated. Date of selection for Teacher’s Day is done by each country and has its reason behind this. For example, Bhutan celebrates it on 2nd May, Australia on October last Friday, China on 10th September and Brazil on 15th October. The most important and common thing is that, each and every country celebrates it to remember some academic legend or a local teacher. In India, Teacher’s Day celebrates on 5th September of every year. This day is celebrated as birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrisnan’s he is the second president of India and the academic philosopher. Thus, in India, most of the students don’t know the fact about why 5th September has been selected as the National Teacher’s day.

Teacher’s day

Teacher’s Day is one of the most important occasions for students. Teacher’s Day is the only day which is celebrated with gusto and zeal in the school, colleges and other academic places. Now, let’s know more about this day:

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You must be surprising why on the birthday date of Dr. Radhakrishna is chosen to celebrate the Teacher’s Day. Because Dr. Radhakrishana is an academic legend and also proved himself as a great person by become a second president of India. Therefore, the second president of India i.e. Radhakrishna was one of the most leading scholars of comparative philosophy and religion. He was the one person who made link between the west and East in terms of philosophy by proving that each and every tradition is acceptable and understandable by other terms of each other. Therefore, India’s philosophical and religious were clarified by him for the world of English Speaking. He received many tributes or medals such as, Bharat Ratna in 1954 and in 1963 Order of Merit. Before Independence, in 1931 he was knighted but after India got Independence, he stopped using “Sir” Title.

Teacher’s day is the important day and celebrated just like the other special days celebrated. Teacher’s Day gives a message that how much Teacher’s are important in one’s life and on this very day students gives greetings and wishes to their teachers and say thanks. It plays an important role in life of every student. Teachers are like the inspiration and guide in the initial years of the student’s life. They play a main role; teacher’s gives shape to their students for the coming future. Thus, we hardly find the ways and times to show our feelings towards them and this great opportunity is receive in Teacher’s day. Their teachings and lessons guide us in their life. Therefore, the main reason behind the celebration of Teacher’s day is to remember their teachers and those persons who act as teacher in their lives. On this special day, tell them their importance in your life and make them realize their value in student’s life. Therefore, Teachers’ day show the bonding between teachers and students.

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Created: Tuesday, March 31 2015
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