Taurus Health Horoscope 2014

Taurus is referred as Earthly sign. Due to it the Taurus natives will be blessed with endurance and tolerance. However, along with it you are also attracted to worldly pleasures and luxuries. Sometimes, your desire crosses the boundary of luxuries and it is this time when your health start protesting against you. You will witness the similar trend in 2014.  It is advised that you do not take your health for granted.

As per the Taurus Health Horoscope 2014, keep in mind the old quote prevention is better than cure. You love good food, but you must know the limit. Gastrointestinal problems cam bother you to great extent if not given attention. You will also face problem with muscular and joint pains. Some stiffness around the muscles of shoulder and neck is also foreseen. Change your lethargic habits and start proper fitness work out to stop all these activities.

You also need to be cautious of swollen throats and tonsil problems. It may affect your vocal cord. Another aspect that might trouble you is the imbalance of thyroid hormones. It causes fluctuation in body weight. With proper monitoring with experienced physician and proper treatment you can stay away from these problems.

Planetary Positions

According to Taurus Health Astrology 2014, sixth house of horoscope chart deals with wellness. This year interested pattern can be foreseen in your sixth house of horoscope chart. Planet Venus is holding firm position in the sixth house. In addition, with Venus the other two planets that take place in the same house are Rahu and Saturn. These two will be responsible for creating problems in your health. However, due to the presence of Venus you will be able to deal with all issues and defeat every disease.

Diet Suggestions

Taurus natives must intake sodium sulfate rich diet. This mineral is responsible for proper balance of water in the body. It also overcomes the symptoms of thyroid gland malfunction. Iodine also helps in the same function. To stay away from weight related issues maintain distance from carbohydrate rich food and fats. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

The best part of the year 2014 is that you can control your wellness. Try to control your luxuries and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Get over your lazy attitude and start doing cardio work out or power yoga daily.

Category: Predictions

Created: Wednesday, March 12 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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