Sun Transit in Pisces 2014

On 14th March, 2014 Sun will be transiting to the zodiac sign Pisces. The changes that will occur in all the zodiac signs due to this transition are:
Some of the problems can arise in the domestic life. The health issues can also be faced by the children. During this transition try to maintain good relation with the higher authority people as this can help in your professional life. This time the inclination towards the spiritualism and religion will decrease. There may be a problem with the eyes, so it is recommended to take good care of them.
The whole month will be enjoyed by you as you will do the long travels, all the pending work will be completed on time, good amount of wealth will be gained, spirituality will increase and success will be achieved in the work place.
This month you will do great as the work performance will improve a lot and the communication skills will get better. You will dominate among the opponents and the sense of humor will increase a lot.
Your name and fame will increase and due to this the popularity and the goodwill will be achieved. You will find spending on good things suitable. There will be some minor health issues but this will not affect much.
This time you need to take care of your name and fame as your opponents may try to destroy it. Opponents can make you to fall into their trap which can end your individuality. You need to remain positive during the transition period as this will give you power to fight from all the situations. There can also be some minor health issues so take care. The last phase will bring favors and new friends so that you can get support.
During the transition it is required that you manage everything correctly. During the transition you may face some losses and health issues. Your attitude will change as you will be in anger and will make decisions in a hurry which can hamper your business also. Be patient and take every step with proper thinking.
This transition will be very good if you are thinking for a job change. All the legal issues will be in your favor and you will gain through them a lot. You will be self-centered as you will think about your own comfort.
There will be some problems at the work front due to the transition but you will be able to deal with it. You will also be able to find alternate sources of income. You will also achieve favors from the unknown sources. There will be some adamancy in the attitude also.
This transition will make you aggressive and more focused on your career. During this period you need to take good care of your health and your mother’s health. There will be gains from the work front end. There can also be some troubles due to the vehicle you own.
This transition will prove to be very fruitful for you. You will have a good time, good health and good earnings. You will do the purchases and will have a long travels and philosophic thoughts in the mind.
This transition will increase the expenses as your eyes will trouble you. This period you will have all the fun and entertainment. You will also think about the future and will be in a romantic affair.
This transition can make you feel low due to the headaches and fever. There will be a problem of debts that may disturb you. Problems from the opponents side will be there but the personal life will go good.

Created: Monday, March 10 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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