Sun Transit in Aquarius

On 12th February, 2014 Sun will be transiting to the zodiac sign Aquarius. This transit will also bring some of the changes in all the 12 zodiac signs. Aquarius is considered to be the knowledgeable zodiac sign and planet Saturn is considered to be the ruler of this zodiac sign. The effects on various zodiac signs are:


This year the children health may get affected and the judgments may also go in a wrong direction. It is also advised to take care of your health so that everything goes smooth. According to the stars you may gain popularity and can also meet some old friends. There may be some disputes at the home.


This year you will grow professionally a lot. There is a chance that you may apply for a loan. It is advised that you do not involve in any type of speculation as this can lose money into it. This year you may feel lethargic and weak and your left eye can also trouble you so take care of your eyes also.


This year you may lose in competitive activities and also in speculations. You can have a long distance trip with your friends this year. Some of the people will be declined towards the religious activities and some of the people will look for love and peace.


This year you will see the progress in your professional life. You will move away from your kids for some time. This year you will be very caring towards your elders. You can also indulge into the renovation of your house.


This month will prove to be very good for you and the birth of the baby girl is also foreseen. You may also plan for a short term travel. You will also be a short tempered so make yourself in control.


There is good news on the professional work front. You will have success in your job or business. You may face some of the problems in the personal life and the workload will make you feel restless.


You will enjoy good time as luck is with you. You will also grow professionally. You may also need to go to the lawsuit due to the personal life problems.


Expenses will increase and you may go for long journeys. Hard work will give the results as expected. Due to workload you will not be able to find time for yourself.


Luck will support you a lot and your father will also be in a good health condition. In the legal matters also you will be lucky and everything will be in your favor. However, the professional work front may not go so good.


This month you will get all the old money back and will also get some from the policies in which you have invested. Overall, you will spend a good time both in professional and personal life. You may face some of the anxieties and expenses in the last phase.


This month will be full of travels and this will increase the expenses. There will be a problem in concentration and you may also face the problem in taking decisions.


Professional and personal life will go very good and you will enjoy a lot. You just need to take care of your health this month so that everything goes smooth.



Created: Monday, February 10 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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