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The pupose of wearing Pearl or Moti

Infomation of the pearl gem

 Pearl is quite frequently utilized by jewellers for creating ornaments and other expensive items like rosary. The Pearl Gem is also available in various sorts of colours; however the original ones are not that easily found. These days, cultured variants of the gem are used. Pearl is actually a mixture of oxygen and calcium and it always found in circular or rounded shape.

The pearl as per horoscopes

In terms of astrology, the gems stones are used as per the position of the planets over a person’s horoscope chart. The moon commands the gem and it itself is the lord of zodiac sings Cancer. Moon is a luminary and it affects all watery things, heart, brain, sleep, sound, juicy plants, females, mothers, menstrual issues and luster of faces. This pearl should be used if moon is emitting malefic outcomes. Pearl can help you with your sleep and it can cure insomnia. Mental power is fulfilled and even depression is taken away gradually.

Moon is also said to have feministic values as it depicts beauty and tenderness. Moon showcases the mind of a person. If moon is placed in a strong position in your horoscope, the person would become beautiful, charitable and prosperous. However, if the moon is weak or is not placed at the right position, then it would create issues like instability, lack of sleep and depression. One would suffer from various issues. This is true particularly for Saturn-Rahu, Saturn-Moon and Saturn-Ketu mixes, and these positions are the worst. If this occurs, there is no excuse.

Gems always have a propounding effect on a human. Our thoughts and energy depends on the actions or the karmas we do and that itself has command over our subtle energy. If the malefic bodies and planets are placed with the moon, or if the moon is positioned in the 6th, 8th and the 12th place on your chart, then you should use the Gem. However, before using it, do consult with an experienced astrologer first.

 Effects of the pearl

As soon as the pearl is worn as a ring or used as a rosary, it typically emits a vibrating resonance and power of the Moon to affect a person’s aura. This particular aura becomes strong enough to protect a person from any type of hindrance or hurdle. In fact it also helps him or her to overcome them. The user gets the desired strength. Moon is also advised for female and for people who are emotional.

If you are in the profession where liquid is involved like milk, oil, medicine, beverages, chemicals and other businesses, then you can use the pearl.

Illnesses cured by Pearl:

Bad positioning of moon can cause several issues like sleep problems, weak mind, asthma, TB, heart issues, menstrual problems, indigestion and others. If you use a pearl, you can get cure from these issues.

Wearing the pearl

The Pearl should be used with silver and a ring and should be worn on a Monday morning after it is dipped in raw milk or gangajal. Mantras must also be recited. Pearl is known as a cold gem by general.

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