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Why one must use Hessonite or Gomed?

Information about the Hessonite:

Hessonite or the Gomed is always available in deep to light brownish red or yellowish colour. It totally looks like honey or even cow’s urine. Hessonite is a variant of the Grossularite Garnet.

Hessonite as per the horoscope

Rahu always keeps its importance and power, as it is known just like that as per the Vedic knowledge. However it does not possess a physical existence. In the astrological world, gems tones are given as per the position of the planets.

Rahu is known to be a malefic body and it makes a person secretive, irresponsible and defiant. Rahu has disruptive powers and it can confuse. It always stays in retrograde place.

Rahu means wickedness, intellect, confusion and bad manners. Hessonite or the Gomed has command over the planet. Rahu is associated with the Taurus.

Rahu, or also known as the Dragon’s head or the North’s node, has a very ascending node. Rahu means instant benefits or losses. It depicts travelling, harsh words, cheats, foreigners, reptiles, paternal grandfather, theft, snakes, and widows. Rahu, along with compatriots, Mars, Sun and the Saturn can give you bad results. It can create concentration and sleep issues.

Rahu’s bad effect can last a long time. It can provide dasha for 18 years or so, and the outcome depends on the Karma. The planet signifies one’s grandfather. It also commands your wit, and can give you courage and cleverness. Hessonite can be used when Rahu is disruptive.

Hessonite can provide you help against a bad Rahu. Bad Rahu can be negative for your life as it can give your losses and failures. Hessonite can useful for people who practice the law, politicians, travel agents, and gamblers.

The Hessonite ring can clear your mind and give your spirituality. It can keep one safe from accidents, injuries, snakes and others. It can also cure your skin issues, phobias, poison effects and mental disorders. It can be beneficial for officials too.

Gems always have a propounding effect on a human. Our thoughts and energy depends on the actions or the karmas we do and that itself has command over our subtle energy.

If malefic bodies are mixed with Rahu, or if the planet is positioned at 8th, 6th or the 12th house, then you can use the Gomed.

Effects of the Gomed

It can easily protect you from negativities and make your life easier. You’d feel the energy with it.

Students learning politics should use Hessonite and it can also be worn by PR people, businessmen and politicians.

Illnesses that can be cured by Rahu

Asthma, mental disorders, epilepsy, weak mind, insanity, stomach issues and lack of sleep can be caused by Rahu and hence you should use the Hessonite. Placed with moon, the problem can become suicidal. The gomed gem can be used for exhausting karmic pleasures and it can help you attain spirituality.


Wear it with silver and with a ring on a Saturday morning after dipping it with raw milk or Gangajaal. Use mantras too. It is actually a cold gem.


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