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Nakshatra Shanti PoojaYagya

The Nakshatra Shanti PoojaYagya is being performed to pacify the negative effects of the natal’s moon position in Ashlesha, Magha, Aswini, Revati, Moola and Jyeshtha. According to the natal chart, the yagya can be combined with Homa to Ganesha, Durga, Siva or Vishnu or with the Homa of Navgraha Shanti. The Mool shanti yagya is done to maintain the Health of the individual, Health of the children and the NavgrahaDosha. The birth Nakshatra of the individual determines the thinking pattern and the nature. The subconciousness and the instincts of the individual’s personality is also being determined. According to the Vedic Astrology, the Nakshatra period in which we are born is considered to be very auspicious and important in our lives. The Nakshatra indicates the future, physical appearance and attitude. In Vedas, it is being said that the NakshatraYagyaHavan is very important in the lives of an individual. The Yagya is being recommended to do every year to maintain prosperity in the life. This Shanti Yagya is helpful in getting rid of Nakshatra Dosh.

How to do Nakshatra Shanti Pooja

The Nakshatra Shanti Yagya is being performed with full dedication and with proper rituals. The mantra needs to be recited properly with full of faith. The fast needs to be kept by the family members to get the benefit. The donation should be given to the needy people so that the Nakshatra benefits the individual a lot. The pooja offered to all the deity’s should be done every day. The children born in the wrong nakshatra for them their parents should do the pooja to remove the Nakshatradosha.

Importance of Nakshatra ShantiPoojaYagya

The importance of Nakshatra Shanti Yagya is considered to be very important in one’s life as it removes all the problems related to nature and the negative effects of the planets which were beared by the individual at the time of birth (Nakshatra). The problems related to subconscious are also being removed and there is a gradual benefit in the nature of an individual. The Nakshatradosha needs to be removed as it can have malefic effects in the life of an individual.

Benefits of Nakshatra Shanti PoojaYagya

The Nakshatra Shanti Pooja is very beneficial in the life of an individual as it helps the person in the improvement of nature and brings the positive vibes by reducing all the malefic effects of the Nakshatra which was during the birth time. All the health related issues are being rectified and the life is being  lived with full of prosperity.

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