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Shiva puja

Shiva puja has an important place and significance in Hindu mythology. The rituals performed to please Shiva on the auspicious day of shivratri helps in seeking his blessings and salvation. This puja is believed to destroy all the past sins committed by the person.

Significance of Shiva puja:

According to Shiva purana the puja offered to lord Shiva with true heart and devotion yields the spiritual growth along with all material things in the world for the devotee. The puja is also done on the Mondays and have an important place if performed in the month of saawan according to Hindu calendar. The devotees in the month of saawan wake up early morning and bring the holy water from their nearby water bodies or places to perform puja. The puja believes to yield longevity and all material prosperity in life.

Importance of lord Shiva puja:

It is said that the puja performed to please lord Shiva helps the one to get enlighten his soul. His all past sins is removed by this puja. All the things used in the puja has their own significance e.g. bilwa patra reduces the temper of lord Shiva while beetle leaves shows the satisfaction towards all worldly things present all around. Lighting of diya means knowledge. All the rituals have their specific value hence puja is performed by all rituals followed by the devotees. It is believed that the offering of water to Shiva linga, hugging the Shiva linga, ringing the bells and lighting the diya in temple helps the devotee in seeking the blessings of Shiva. Their ethics is activated and they became aware of themselves and the universe from which they all belong to live in.

How to do Shiva puja:

The puja of Shiva includes the abhisheka of lord Shiva. The puja is offered sincerely following all the rituals. The auspicious day’s puja has many rituals although the daily puja of Shiva is very simple and can be done every day by offering water on Shiva linga. Shiva gets pleased if bilva patra are offered to him. The special abhiseka is done by six dravyas (water, sugar, milk, honey, ghee, yoghurt). The mantra is chanted while offering the dravyas to Shiva linga. Then the sandalwood paste and bilwa patra, garland of aak flowers, akshat and any fruit or Prasad is offered to the shiva linga. Then the diya and incense sticks are burn and aarti is performed. Some people also perform sahasra ghat puja on this auspicious day

Benefits of puja:

The puja blesses one with purity and piousness. The blessings of lord shiva help in acquiring the Prosperity, progeny, victory, happiness and sweet speech. This puja is beneficial especially for the women. The married women pray to Shiva for the well-being of their husbands and family while unmarried girls pray to lord Shiva for getting the desired life partners. Other than this the puja is for all and helps in attaining the prosperity, wealth, long life, kills all the negative energies and kills all the sins committed in the past.

Mantra for the puja of lord Shiva:

People enchant “om namah shivaya” for getting the blessings of lord shiva this panchakshar mantra is very auspicious.

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Price: Rs. 3,500.00

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