Online Ati Rudra Abhisheka

Ati Rudra Abhisheka

For the worship of Lord Shiva, the Ati Rudra Abhisheka is a very crucial form. Lord Shiva is the source of cosmic energy for the creation of entire world. The divine form of Lord Shiva covers and extends far beyond the known and unknown galaxies and universe. Lord Shiva is omniscient, powerful and presents everywhere.

According to Hindu mythology, the Lord Shiva is also known as the conqueror of death and incarnation of endless mercy, love, and sympathy. Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of ‘Linga’, which resembles the replica of Brahmanda. To appease Lord Shiva the Abhishekam is the best ritual.

What is Ati Rubra Abhisheka

Renowned sage Satapatha in his lessons ‘Maharnava Karma Vipaka’ mentioned the four types of Abhisheka procedures. These four types of Abhishekas are – Rudram, Ekadasha Rudram, Ati Rudram and Maha Rudram. Each of the abhishekas is of equal importance and has different impact on the life of an individual.

Out of these, the most important form is the Ati Rudra Abhisheka, which involves 14641 Rudrams. The combination of Chamakam and Namakam as mentioned in the Rudradhyayam is termed as Rudram.

When the Namakam is recited along with Chamakam is makes one Rudram. Recital of 11 Maha Rudram makes one Ati Rudram. Hence, the ati rudram abhisheka constitutes 14641 Rudram, which includes 14641 Namakam and 1331 Chamakams.

How to perform the Ati Rudra Abhisheka

In this puja, Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of Linga or Lingam and the abhishekam is performed using different articles like milk, coconut water, honey, flowers, bilvapatra, curd, sugarcane juice etc. Ati rudra Abhisheka is considered as the best homam, which is performed with the powerful mantra or hymns, and it fulfills all the desires of the individual who performs it.

At the same time with the Ati Rudra Abhisheka the Rudra homas are performed. The 121 Vedic priests helps in conducting this homa. Overall, 11 Homa Kundas are made for this purpose. The Vedic priests must be well experienced for performing this abhishekam. A separate Shiva Linga is made to perform the Rudrabhishek daily. In addition, with it other rituals like Shri Gayatri Homas, Krama archana, Parayanas and Tarpanas are also performed side by side.

Benefits of Ati Rudra Abhisheka

It helps in appeasing the Lord Shiva and he bestows his blessings, removes the negative energy, and fulfills the desires along with showering the prosperity on the individual. The worship of Lord Shiva gives all round happiness to the worshipper.

Significance of Ati Rudra Abhisheka

This Maha abhishekam is performed for the welfare of humankind and to ensure the peace and prosperity in the family and life of individual. This type of ritual must be performed in the selfless manner to get good fortune not just for self but also for all the humanity.

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