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Surya or Sun Pooja

Surya pooja is dedicated to Lord Sun. This pooja is advised to those who have malefic effect due to the wrong position of sun in the horoscope. The lord surya is the only visible God to whom we can see and can pray. Lord Surya is considered to be the life giver Prannadata for the entire universe.  Lord Sutya is very important in everyone’s life. It is also believed the Lord Surya is considered to be the witness of all the actions. Lord Surya is also referred as Atmakaraka where Atma means souls and Karaka means indicator. Devotees can observe fast on Sundays and can take salt free food one time before the sunset. It is recommended to do meditation on the rising sun but if this is not possible meditation needs to be done on ruby. After the meditation one should offer water adding few rice grains and vermillion. The nature of the Lord Sun is fiery and is the Lord of zodiac Leo.

Malefic effects of Sun on birth chart

Even though the presence of Sun in the birth chart is considered to be highly auspicious, but in some very rare unfortunate conditions it may be malefic. As its effect the person may suffer from health problems, various bad habits and several other unfortunate conditions.

How to do Surya Puja

Surya Puja is done on Sunday. It is beneficial in the sense that is provides courage to face difficult situations and also eradicates ill effects from the horoscope of a person. For performing Surya Pooja, one should get up early even before sunrise so that the Pooja of rising Sun can be performed. Red Chandan Flowers and Water are offered to the all mighty Sun and Gayatrai Mantra is chanted. After that meditation of few minutes should be done. For fasting, single meal on the day is taken after sunset and in that salt should be avoided.

Significance of Surya or Sun Graha Pooja

Lord Surya is considered to be the strongest planet according to astrological parlance. Lord Sun rules over the head and brain of an individual. Surya exalts in the zodiac sign of Aries and falls in the zodiac sign of Libra. Lord Sun stays for one month in each rashi and completes its one round in one year. Lord Sun finds the 10th position of the house to be comfortable. Lord Surya is also strong in other angles like house 1, 4 and 7. The sun also helps in the growing houses. Lord Sun is beneficial to the Sun ascendants Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Benefits of Surya or Sun Pooja

There are several benefits in worshipping Lord Sun:-

  1. To have good health and good heart
  2. Make the situations favorable
  3. Excellence in career and growth in service.
  4. Obtaining name and fame
  5. To remove the ego and to do the good deeds
  6. Excellent results in higher studies

Mantra for chanting Surya or Sun graha

Dhyan Mantra:-

''Aum Hrim Hrim Suriyaye Namah Aum'

Shani Gayatri Mantra:-

"Japa Kusuma Sankasham Kashyapeyam Mahadhyutim, Tamorim Sarva Papadhnam Prantoami Divakaram"




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