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Ketu Puja

Ketu also means the dragon tail and the pooja is dedicated to planet ketu. The GrahShaniPooja for the planet Ketu is suggested to those whose Ketu is wrongly placed in their horoscope. KetuPooja benefits a lot who are facing problem due to Ketu planet. According to Vedic astrology, the south node part of the moon is known as Ketu and is also related for the occurrence of eclipse. The physical appearance of Lord Ketu consists of snake head and the body to that of ausras. The nature of Ketu is burning and hence is considered to be the planet of spirituality. All the bad effect due to Ketu can be removed by doing the pooja with full dedication after the sunset facing north-west direction. Ketu is considered to be the nodal planet and hence does not own any sign in the zodiac but helps the planet Mercury and Jupiter. It is also believed that Ketu stays for 18 months in each graph.

Malefic effect of Ketu in birth chart

People who have Ketu wrongly placed in their birth chart faces malefic effects like robbery, bad habits, pitradosha, poverty and the loss of face. Although the Ketu is considered to be highly malefic, but it does contributes in positive sense as well. For instance, in the favorable conditions, Ketu facilitates spiritual advancement and prosperity.

How to do Ketu Puja

The mighty Ketu is worshipped along with Lord Shiva. The Puja is usually done in the night and during the ceremony, offerings of oil, til, blue flowers, clothes and blankets are done. Also donations of clothes and food are also done which is beneficial for the cause.

Procedure and Significance for Ketugraha Puja

Lord Ketu is the indicator of spirituality, wisdom, liberation, carrier of arms and weapons and physical abilities. Some other different aspects of Lord Ketu are knowledge, poisonous bite, leprosy and business. The planet Ketu is considered to be the worldly malefic and spiritually benefice because it causes sorrow and loss of property which ultimately turns the individual into God.

Benefits of KetuGraha Puja

The benefits that can be achieved through KetuGrahapooja are:-

  1. One can remain protected from the evil spirits.
  2. The poisonous bite effect becomes negligible and the life is saved.
  3. One can win over the enemies and all the adversaries’ effects can be minimized.
  4. Improves spiritual development.
  5. All the misfortunes in the life are removed
  6. The wealth and property remains intact.

Mantra for chanting Ketugraha

The dietyKetu is appease by reciting Ketu Mantra which is as follows:
Ketukrunvanekethavepeshomaryaapeshese |

Samushidbrajayataha ||

This hymn is recommended to be recited on the third night of the ritual.Other mantra for appeasing Ketu are as follows:

Gayatri Mantra for Ketu:-

"Om Chitravarnayavidhmahe, sarparoopayadhimahi, tannoKetuPrachodayat"

Ketu Mantra:-

“Om Hum KeemKetaveNamah”


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