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Budh Mercury Pooja

Budhapooja is done to please planet Mercury. Budhapooja done on Wednesday’s beings the manifold benefits like removes the health problems, removes the hurdles in the path of success etc. Mercury planet is considered to be the wisest planet among all of the planets. The nature of Mercury is airy. Mainly, mercury refers to the intellect of mind. It is recommended that the Mercury pooja should be done only by those who are weak at studies and are not able to concentrate on studies properly and have sugar or blood pressure problems. Mercury planet rules over two zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo and exalts in Virgo and falls in Pisces. It is believed that Mercury in the first house is considered to be the most comfortable place. Budh mercury pooja done on Wednesday brings the manifold benefits in the life of an individual.

Malefic effect of Budh Mercury in birth chart

Placement of Budh in the birth chart might cause ill effects sometimes. Due to unfavourable position of mercury, the individual might become harsh and short tempered. This state of Mercury would make the individual’s life worst on the account of its wrath.

How to do Budh Mercury Puja

The planet Budh is actually ruled by Lord Budha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. So in order to praise Budh, Lord Krishna or Lord Vishuare adored on Wednesday. Fasting and Donation are also done on this day as to bestow the planet Budh.

Procedure and Significance for Budh Mercury Puja

Budha or mercury planet rules over the nervous system, cells, tongue, air and breath. Any afflictions being created to this planet can cause severe problems like asthma, brain fever, bronchitis, nasal disorders, paralysis, nervous disorders and difficulty in breathing. Budha manages all the material resources and rules on most of the body part.

Benefits of Budh Mercury Puja

Budh mercury pooja is considered to be very beneficial as it removes all the tribulations caused due to the malefic effect of mercury in the horoscope. It is believed that budhpooja removes all the bad effects in the business as mercury is the planet which affects the trade business to a greater extent. Before building house on the new land bhoomipoojan is done so that the shield of positive energy is being created. With this pooja who have very low concentration power are blessed with more concentration power if the pooja is done with full devotion. All the health problems are also removed from the life of an individual. The problem of progeny can also be removed by worshipping Lord Budha.

Mantra for chanting Budh Mercury

The tantric mantra for the planet Mercury is:-
"Om BraangBreengBroungSahBudhayNamah"

The Vedic Mantra for the planet is:-
Om UdbuddhayesvagnePratijagihiTvamishtapurteSa An SrijethamayaNya



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