Maa Matangi Pooja


MaaMatangi maintains the ninth significant position among all the ten MahaVidya’s. She is the Goddess with dark complexion and is considered to be the ferocious aspect of the Devi. She is the goddess with refined beauty and lavishly elegant. The other name of Maamatangi areUcchishta-Matangini or Ucchishta-Chandalini. Goddess is associated with the ability of listening which is considered to be the accurate understanding that brings the powerful thoughts in the mind. Goddess bestows her devotees with all the skills like learning, listening, reasoning, quality and natural ability. She also governs her devotees towards the speech, music, knowledge and arts. Goddess is considered to be the repository of 64 kinds of arts. MaaMatangi is another form of Goddess Saraswati because maaSaraswati is known for the learning, academics, arts and language while MaaMatangi is known for the bringing thoughts in the mind and providing the ability to apply the knowledge, understanding and experience.

How to do MaaMatangiPooja

The pooja to MaaMatangi is being offered by placing the idol of Goddess in the pooja room. Lightning the diya, agarbatti to do the pooja. Prepare the Prasad and offer to the deity. Garlands and flowers are being offered to MaaMatangi. After that the recitation of mantra is being started and at last the aarti is done. The Prasad is being distributed among family members. Goddess provides the Shakti to her devotees to fight from all the problems of the life and to live the life with full of happiness and prosperity. Maa helps her devotees to understand things and to apply the knowledge at the right place to gain maximum benefits.

Importance and Significance of MaaMatangiPooja

MaaMatangipooja is done to remove the malefic effect of the planet Sun. The individual going through the period and sub period of Sun should do this pooja to attain the happiness in the life. Matangi is represented as emerald of green color. All the obstacles in the life and in the success are being removed and the life is being led smoothly.

Benefits of MaaMatangiPooja

The pooja done for Maamatangi provides various benefits like :-

  • The disharmony between couples are being removed
  • No evil and enemies
  • Negativity is being destroyed
  • No stammering
  • No disability to listen
  • No obstacles in education and career
  • Learning and observing power is strong
  • No loss of memory
  • The negativity is being destroyed
  • Good power of speech

Mantra of MaaMatangi


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