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Mahakali puja

The goddess maha kali is the fiercest of all deities of Hindu mythology. The Sanskrit meaning of kali is kaal, which means time. Maha kali is the consort of Shiva and known as the base of reality and existence. The lord Shiva is the lord of consciousness, maha kali is referred to be the goddess of time and death, and there is nothing in this materialistic world, which could escape from them.

Maha kali is the feminized variant of maha kaal, an epithet of lord Shiva and interpreted as death. She is the force of anger of maa durga and an aspect of Adi parashakti and therefore possesses dark color. Although she is considered as the goddess of death but actually she brings the death of ego. She is the form of mother and kills only demons none else. She is the one who celibate and practice renunciation.

Significance of Kali puja

Maha kali is the fiercest form of goddess wearing a garland of 52 skulls and skirt of dismembered arms because it is said that the ego comes out from the identification with the body. It also states that the beauty of physical body is false and spirit is the only reality. She is adishakti and represents purity and un-manifested energy hence dark in color. Her puja helps the devotees to become fearless, awakens their conscience. Their soul becomes pure and ego is killed by the puja of maha kali.

Importance of Maha Kali puja

Goddess kali is the mother too and her two hands are always raised to give blessings to her devotees. She saves her worshipper from all evils and negative energy. The one could get free from all negative form of energies. She is the form of underpinning of pure awareness and standing with one foot on lord Shiva that is pure formless awareness sat- chit- ananda and gives their devotees an idea to dissolve their entire ego. She provides salvation destroy the evil and fake coming in the life. She is sweet affectionate overflows with perplex love to the devotees which trembles their ego in her feet while becomes wrathful to those who are attached with their ego.

Benefits of maha kali puja

The puja of maha kali helps the devotees to tremble down their ego, which is the only reason of problems coming in the life. She leads her devotees towards the path of salvation and removes all hurdles and evil forces coming in front of them. She is able to fight with the black magic and evil eye and hence make her devotees fearless and helps them to achieve the spiritual prosperity along with the materialistic prosperity.

How to do maha kali puja:

One should perform the maha kali puja by strictly following the Vedic method. One should firstly trembles down his ego and then goes for the puja otherwise maha kali becomes wrathful towards him. Rest of the puja is same as we do our regular puja that is lighting of dhoop deep, offering of puja samagri and Prasad with the recitation of mantras properly.

Mantra of maha kali puja:

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