Special Puja Path Yagya in Ashad Gupt Navaratri 5th July to 13th July

Gupt Navaratri Durga Sapt Shati Pathh-Pooja-Navarana Mantra Jap

Ashad Navratri / Gupt Navaratri

In a year the auspicious festival of Navratri is celebrated four times. These are the Vasantha Navratri, Magh Navaratri, the Ashwin Navaratri and Ashad Navaratri. Here, the Vasantha Navaratri and the Ashwin Navaratri are the major out of four which people are aware of. The other Navratra are considered as the gupt navratra which are termed for the sadhaks. Along with this, special tantrik rituals are also performed.  People offer prayers to the Godess Durga for nine days and receive blessings.

Ashad Navratri Dates

It is dated from   5 th July to 13 th July 2016 in the Shukla paksha. If you are facing any sort materialistic problems then you should surely go for Vedic puja during these Navratri. By chanting shlokas, keeping fasts and mantras devotion for Goddess and thereby you are blessed with happiness, prosperity and wealth.

Anusthan on Gupt Navratri

The Navgrah Mandir, that is nearly 600 Yrs old temple organizes the anushthan and path on Gupt Navratri where you will find every form of puja that needs to be a part of the anushthan.


Price Rs. 2700 or $56

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Gupt Navratri Puja Benefits

The benefits of Gupt Navratra Puja can be experienced with the blessing being showered by Godess Durga. You can feel positive vibrations in you and overcome all the hazardous distress. “Aim hreem kleem chaamundaayai vichche” is also recited during this puja and also the fasting on nine days lead to happiness in one’s life.

Samput Path

Samput path is inclusive of explicitly and clearly stated mantras. It leads to making the matras stronger and result oriented.

There are noticeably parts of samput viddhis that are being used with sacred scriptures. Each of the scriptures holds the real potential that is used along carefully


Price for one day Samputit Pathh Rs. 3500 or $77

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Samput Path of Durga Saptashati

An auspicious durga saptashati samput path is being organized at Navgrah Mandir. This is a part of effective Markandeya Purana. It is very well recited in a holy book that how Durga Devi was empowered with the ultimate divine weapons in order to decimate Mahishasura.

Following are the benefits, which one can get from the recitation of the Samput path of Durga Saptashati:

  • Eradicate the lack of wealth and prosperity
  • Remove the enormous amount of debt, which may force an individual to poverty
  • Barriers in the smooth running of the business
  • Removes the hindrance in getting the monetary benefits
  • Removes the obstacles in the way of acquiring the ancestral wealth
  • Eradicates loses and lack of success in the education and career field
  • Removes the obstruction in the way of career
  • Improves the marriage life and fulfills the wishes to get a desired partner

The Smaput path also helps in removing the sins and wrong deeds of an individual and helps him or her in achieving the success in their life.


Price for all 9 days Durga Saptsati Samputit path called Navchandi Anushthan

Rs 15000 or $330

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Ashtmi and Navami of Gupt navratri – 

On the auspicious day as per Hindu religion, the Ashtami puja is being performed with true spirit in major Shakti peeths located in India. Also, the day after this puja is believed to be good and is known as Mahanavami. In India, this day is regarded as an important day and a big Havan is conducted to please Goddess Durga. Thereafter, on the 10th day, 9 girl children are worshipped who are considered as a pure personification of Durga devi. These girls are served with food and Gifts. It is a firm belief that this puja when performed with true spirit and devotion shall lead to happy and healthy life.


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