Special Magh Gupt Navratri Puja details 2015

Gupt Navaratri Durga Sapt Shati Pathh-Pooja-Navarana Mantra Jap 2015


Magh Navratri, Gupt Navratri

gupt navratri 2015Navratri is considered to be very auspicious day and people celebrate it four times a year. The four Navratri’s that are being celebrated are Ashad Navratri, Ashwin Navratri, Magh Navratri and Vasantha Navratri. Ashwin Navratri and Vasantha Navratri are of the Chaitra month and are celebrated by everyone. Gupt Navratri or Magh Navratri consists of Ashad Navratri and Magh Navratri and are mainly meant for sadhkas and to perform powerful tantrik rituals for shatkarma tantrik prayog (Shantikaran, Vashikaran, Uchatan, Videshan, Stambhan and Maran). During the Navratri’s people do extensive prayers to please Goddess Durga for her blessings. Besides of Goddess Durga prayers are also being offered to Shri Durgasaptshati, Shriamd-devi Bhawad, Devi Mahaatmya and other forms of Maa Durga.

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Magh Gupt Navratri Dates

Magh Navratri for the year of 2015 will start from 11th of February to 29th of February. Magh navratri is being observed in the month of Magh(February) of Shukla Paksha. These navratri days are very auspicious to get rid of materialistic problems by performing specific Vedic Pooja. It is considered that if devotees recite the mantras or shlokas with full dedication then Goddess fulfils all the desires of the individual. Mainly the Goddess is worshipped in three forms- power, wealth and wisdom.

Anushtan on Magh Navratri

During all the nine days Pandit, of 600 years old Navgrah Mandir conducts the anushtan of all the Goddess.

Gupt Navratri Benefits

In several parts of India Gupt Navratri is famous for all the tantrik pooja. This pooja is conducted so that Goddess get pleased and showers her blessings in the form of wealth, knowledge, prosperity and positive energies.  All the nine days Goddess Durga is worshipped with the recitation of Durga Saptashati. Devotees recite the Nivaran Mantra “Aim Hreem kleem chaamundaayai vichche” as many times as possible. Devotees either keep fast for all the nine days or three fasts each in the period of three days.

Samput Path

Samput are the explicit words or mantra or shloka which is followed by Hindu scriptures in a specified path either in the beginning, middle or in the end of mantra patha. The use of samput makes the mantra stronger and intense and gives escalated results.

There are various samput vidhis used with sacred scriptures and holds special significance in Durga Saptashati Path and must be used very cautiously and carefully.

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Samput Path of Durga Saptashati

During the Navratri days Durga Saptashati samput path is being conducted in the Navgrah mandir. During Gupt Navratri Durga Saptashati chants are being done with full concentration and are considered to be the part of Markandeya Purana. All the mantras in the book describe how the Goddess Durga was provided with power and weapons by the trinity Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to destroy Mahishasura and other demons.

It is believed that with correct use of samput mantra people can achieve any impossible thing in their life.

Samput Path of Durga Saptashati protects the person from following malefic effects:-

  1. Lack of wealth and welfare.
  2. Poverty due to debts.
  3. Obstacles in the business
  4. Hindrance in monetary profits.
  5. Problem in acquiring ancestral wealth
  6. Success in education.
  7. Success in career.
  8. Recurrent loss of job.
  9. Stress in married life.
  10. Unsatisfactory life partner
  11. Unsuccessful love life
  12. Fears of life.

Samput Path also helps the individual to get rid of all the sins in the past and future and to attain the salvation and success in life.

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Ashtmi and Navami of Gupt Navratri

On the day of Ashtmi pooja is performed in all Shakti peeths and on the day of Mahanavami grand havan is conducted with the recitation of Durga Saptashati and other verses of Goddess Durga. On the tenth day, Kanya Pooja of minimum nine girls of age below 10 is being worshipped as the personification of Maa Durga. They are being offered food and new clothes and is prayed so that Maa Durga showers her blessings on her devotees.

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Created: Monday, January 19 2015
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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