Significance of Vishnu Puja and Vishnu Yagya in Adhik Maas

According to the Hindu rituals, Lord Vishnu is praised in the Adhik Maas. The legend behind it goes like the following – When Adhik Maas was formed no lords were assigned to it. All the twelve months were already occupied by the twelve deities. Due to this, Adhik Maas was upset and went to Lord Vishnu to seek help. Lord Vishnu on hearing the story of Adhik Maas, decided to assign himself to the Adhik Maas. This also gave a new name to Adhik Maas and it is known as Purushottam Maas. In addition, almighty Vishnu stated that people who worship him during this month will get divine benefits and all their sins will be washed off.

Lord Vishnu is the one of the major deity of the holy trinity and most powerful among all the lords. He is represented either sleeping on the coiled serpent called Sheshnaag or standing on the waves of ocean with four hands holding his chief attribute.

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Significance of Vishnu puja in Adhik Maas

Lord Vishnu is also known as by the name of Neilmegha Shayamalam. He is associated with the Sanatha Guna and bring life as well as peace in the world. He is the one who light the hopes in the heart of his devotees by taking birth and saving them from the negative forces and evil. He is merciful and rushes to save his devotees. His four arms represents the supremacy and omnipresence. His right side is associated with all the intellectual activities and the left side is associated with the activities of heart like love and compassion. Vishnu Puja is performed in the Adhik Maas to bring peace and happiness and get rid of the sins as well as evil forces.

How to do Vishnu puja

Lord Vishnu Pooja gives best results if it is performed in the Adhik Maas month. The procedure to perform the puja is simple. The devotee have to clean the place where the puja will be performed. In the next step, the photo of Lord Vishnu will be placed for worship. The devotees light the lamp in front of Lord Vishnu and offer Prasad to almighty Vishnu with the Tulsi leaves. The puja is started with the prayer of Lord Ganesha and meditating him. Devotees can chant the mantra “Om Bhagvate Vasudevaye Namah” 108 times. One can recite the Vishnu Sahastranaam or Vishnu Suktam or Purusha Suktam during the puja in the Adhik Maas. After the puja, Prasad is distributed. It is also good if once can read the Shrimad Bhagwat gita during the Adhik Maas.

Benefits of Vishnu puja

For long and happy life, this puja is beneficial. Those who wish to achieve peace and happiness worshipping Lord Vishnu during Adhik Maas can be really helpful. He blesses devotees with prosperity, victory and valour. He is the preserver and hence worshipping him helps the devotees to acquire the fearlessness and give strength to fight against the evils. This puja is everyone who seeks good and prosperous life.

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Vishnu puja mantra

Chant eleven rounds of “Aum Sudarshan Chakraay Mam Sarv Kaarya Vijayam Dehi Dehi Aum Hum Phat,” using a sandalwood rosary.

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Created: Saturday, May 23 2015
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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