Significance of the names of Lord Ganesha

The Lord Ganesha has 12 more names and each name has its own significance. The names of the Lord Ganesha are being used as powerful prayer to seek the blessings of the Lord Ganesha. On the daily basis also you can enchant the name of the Lord Ganesha in order to seek the blessings. The enchanting of these names is considered to be very auspicious especially on the day of Sankashti Chaturthi and Vinayaki Chaturthi. Either the shloka or the names of the Lord Ganesha is recited to seek the blessings of the God.

The 12 names of the Lord Ganesha and its significance are: –

  1. Om Sumukhaaya Namah: – सुन्दर मुख वाले।
  2. Om Dantaay Namah: – एक दांत वाले।
  3. Om Kapilaay Namah: – जिनके श्री विग्रह से नीले और पीले वर्ण  की आभा का प्रसार होता है।
  4. Om Gajkarnaay Namah: – हाथी के कान वाले।
  5. Om Lambodaraay Namah: – लम्बे पेट वाले।
  6. Om Viktay Namah: – सर्वश्रेष्ठ।
  7. Om Vighna Naashaay Namah: – विघ्नों (संकटों ) का नाश करने वाले।
  8. Om Vinaayakaay Namah: – विशिष्ट नायक।
  9. Om Dhoomra Ketave Namah: – धुएं के से वर्ण की ध्वजा वाले।
  10. Om Ganaadhyakshaaya Namah: – गणों के स्वामी।
  11. Om Bhal Chandray Namah: – मस्तक पर चंद्रमा धारण करने वाले।
  12. Om Gajnanaaya Namah: – हाथी के मुख वाले।

The devotees do the puja of the Lord Ganesha due to the following reasons: –

  1. Lord Ganesha helps to attain the wealth, prosperity, health and success.
  2. All the obstacles are being removed from the life of individual.
  3. The wisdom is attained.
  4. In order to get better results in education students must enchant the name of the lord.
  5. The happiness and peace is attained by enchanting the name of the Lord Ganesha.
  6. Before starting the new construction the name of the lord must be enchanted before.
  7. Before the starting of the exams also one should enchant the Lord Ganesha name.
  8. All the desires and wishes are fulfilled by the god.

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Created: Thursday, December 04 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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