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Sawan 2015: Pleasing Month at Almighty’s Feet!

Holiest month of the year 2015 is nearer to come. This is the most fortunate month of the year 2015. This month of shravan gives you opportunity to please the Almighty and to get blessings. It is not anything like only Lord Shiva is worship in this month but the mischievous lord Krishna also comes to you in this month. To know more read on….

Sawan 2015: What is Sawan?

Here we brought everything for you that you want to know about the most fortunate month of shrravan in 2015.

The fifth month of Hindu calendar is known as Savan. It is also recognized as Sawan or Shrravan.  According to English calendar the month of Savan falls in month of July and it ends in the latter half of August month. In year 2015 the Shrravan month begin on 1st August and will end on 30th August.

The month of Shrravan is assumed as the most fortunate and positive month according to Hindu calendar. It provides great relief from boiling summers with the enjoyable drops of rain. This month is also treated as festive month in India. Want to know more about this fortunate month of Shrravan 2015? Read below:

You will get great opportunities to please lord Shiva in the month of Sawan. From the beginning of Sawan month the sun enters into the Leo zodiac. Each day of the month Sawan has its own religious importance. Therefore, we can say that the Whole month of Sawan is the host of favourable days.

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Now, let’s take a look at the festivals that will take place in Savan in 2014.

Sawan 2015: Sawan 2015 Festivals

 Have a look on the festivals that will be rejoice during the month of Sawan in 2015.

Sawan 2015: Most Infleuntial Dates of Shrravan

Date                              Day                    Festival

17 August, 2015   Monday      Simha Ekadashi

10 August, 2015   Monday       Kamika Ekadashi

17 August, 2015    Monday     Hariyali Teej

19 August 2015    Wednesday   Nag Panchami

26 August 2015     Wednesday   Shraavan Putrada Ekadashi

28 August 2015    Friday       Varalakshmi Vrat

29 August   2015   Saturday   Narali Purnima, Raksha Bandhan

Now you are aware of the dates of festivals celebrated during the month of Sawan 2015, we hope devotees will be capable to go after the month of Sawan with devotion and piousness.

But, what is the importance of sawan? Why must we observe Sawan as the divine month in 2015? A divine legend is related to this stunning month. Have a look at it.

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Sawan 2015: Legend of Shrravan Month

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The month of Sawan is devoted to lord Shiva. Let’s search out the basis in the legend of Savan.

Samundara monthan took place in the month of Shrravan, forurteen items came out from the churned of ocean. One of them was deadly poison. Because of this product shout emerged out there in between gods and demons.

Lord Shiva partaken that poison to save the earth from destruction. Lord Shiva sip the poison in such a way that it can’t seep out. His throat turned in blue because of poison. So, he came to known as Neelkanth.

That is why this whole month of Shrravan is devoteed to lord Shiva and Mondays, of this month are assumed to be the most positive days. People use to keep vrat (fast) on Mondays in the name of god Shiva. Fasts observed on Mondays of Sawan month are known as Sawan Somvar Vrat.

Let’s get know how to keep Sawan Somvar Varat on Mondays, in this holiest month of Sawan.

Sawan Somvar Vrat 2015

Both married and unmarried ladies observe fast on Mondays of the Sawan month. Married ladies keep fast for seeking pleasing household and unmarried ladies to get a perfect life partner in their lives. It is good to invoke the blessings of Lord Shiva on Monday as it is the favourite day of Lord Shiva. \

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As, the Shrravan month is fully dedicated to lord Shiva fast is observed on Mondays. Have a look over the traditions that are required to follow during Sawan Somvar Vrat.

Sawan Somvar Varat 2015: How to keep vart in Swan on somvars?

These bellow mentioned are some of rituals required to follow while keeping Sawan Somvar vrat in 2015:

  • The ritual is devotee should take holy bath in early morning and then worship lord Ganesha and god Shiva respectively, to purify their sins.
  • Next is the devotee must take a pledge (sankalp) that she/he would fully dedicate herself/himself to do Sawan Somvar Vrat.
  • With keeping vrat of Somawar puja is performed two times in a day to make happy lord Shiva.
  • Even with observing Sawan Somvar Varat one has to recite Katha of Sawan Somvar Vrat, in which complete journey of lord Shiva from life to eternity is specified.

It is essential for all devotes to recite the mantra “Om Namha Shivay” while observing puja and Sawan Somawar Vrat.  All the rituals specified are early measures of Sawan Somvar Vart.

The lord is offered leaves known as Bel Patra, Aegle Marmelos (Bilva), Lingam, milk and honey is also offered in holy happenings. The Sawan Somvar Vrat starts from the early morning and break at the time of sunset on the same day.

During Sawan Somvar Vrat followers also use to keep Maun (process of being silent). It is very beneficial to chanted the mantras like Maha Mrityunjay and the most common and powerful Mantra Om Namha Shivay throughout the day. Vrat is terminated after performing prayer to lord Shiva. After terminating vrat Prasad is distributed to the devotees.

As devotees desist themselves from overwhelming usual food through Sawan Somvar Vrat, have a look over the food items that should bake while observing Sawan Somvar Vrat in 2015.

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Sawan Somvar Vrat 2015: Food for Sawan Somvar Vrat

Below specified are food items that can be consumed through Sawan Somvar Vrat 2015:

  • Fruits
  • Sago hotchpotch (Sabuana Khichdi)
  • Falhari Dhokala (dish made from fermented batter in Gujrat)
  • Unsalted chips
  • Shrikhand (sweet dish made in India by yogurt)
  • Kache Kele Ki Sabji (dish made up of raw banana)

Do you have an idea that fast is kept on the other days of Sawan month also? Have a look over the vrats which take place in the month of Shrrvan.

Sawan 2015: Vrat in Shrravan Month  

These bellow specified are some essential fast (vrat) observed during the month of Sawan except Sawan Somvar vrat:

  • Mangla Gauri Vrat: this fast is known as Mangla Gauri Vrat observed by newly married women on Tuesday for getting rid of from all the bad and negative omens.
  • Varalakshmi Vrat: this fast is observed on Fridays of Sawan month to protect household issues. Married ladies observe this vrat, it is also said as Sawan Shukrwar vrat.
  • Sampat Shnivar Vrat: all those who are having complaints and doshas perform this fast on Saturdays of Sawan month, it is known as sampat shanivar vrat.

Except this vrat many people observe fast throughout the sawan month. This is special type of fast. People who use to observe vrat during the whole month of Sawan just take meal once in day. So, if you want to get blessed then keep the different fast on different days of Sawan month or you can keep fast for complete Sawan month by taking one time meal only.

We hope all the procedure and details of the different vrat days and Sawan somvar vrat will help you to please the lord Shiva and to bring happiness in your lives during Sawan month in 2015.

Sawan 2015: Importance of Shower in this month:

This month is known for the rainy season. It feels like blessing of lord Shiva shower in the form of rain. Sawan is the month of relief from the boiling heat of summers. Different festivals are celebrated during the Sawan month. One of the essential things about the month of Sawan is that goddess Lakshmi, lord Krishna and different gods are also worshiped next to lord Shiva.

Each day of Shrravan month has held its own importance. Have a look on the importance of different days of Sawan month:

  • Starting days of week Monday and Tuesday are dedicated to goddess Parvati (Gauri) and her companion lord Shiva in the Sawan 2015.
  • Vithala is worshiped on Wednesday. It very beneficial to worship lord Vithala on Wednesday during Sawan month.
  • On Thursday the planets Mercury and Jupiter are worshiped.
  • Devi Mahalakshmi is worshiped on Fridays during the month of Sawan.
  • On the weekend Saturday lord Vishnu along with lord Shani are worshiped. This is the most suitable day in Sawan month to worship both of these lords.
  • On Sundays of Sawan month people worship and pray to Sun for sound health.

The Shrravan month is the most fortunate month it gifts you various opportunities to get blessed by lord Shiva and other gods. This is very positive time because number of festivals is celebrated during Sawan month. We wish that this Sawan 2015 brings much more glory and happiness to your lives.

We wishes you a heavenly execution during Sawan 2015!

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