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Title: Shradh 2015: worship the Ancestors

Shradh will start from September and continue till October in 2015 this is the best time to remind and give honour to ancestors by Tarpan vidhi which is perform during Pitra Paksha in 2015.

Read the below article and get all the necessary information regarding Shradh dates, times and procedure.

Shradh time period is significant time for accomplishing all the rituals of Tarpan. All Hindus perform these rituals for their late ancestors; this Tarpan will also perform in 2015 year. This ritual performance represents the remembrance and thanks giving time to our ancestors for whatever they gave us, their love, care, guidelines and more. Time period of Shradh is also called as Pitra Paksha. In person life, pitra dosha raise when he doesn’t perform the Tarpan ritual in Shradh.

Shradh time period is total 16 days in every year which is totally dedicated to our ancestors. Shradh days are referred to perform Tarpan rituals. As per the Hindu beliefs, if all ritual perform during Pitra Paksh has complete without any interruption then this definitely please the ancestors and give soul calmness them. Shradh take place exactly before Shradh Navratri in autumn season. Like other years, Shradh will arrive again in September 2015 which has great importance for them who want honour their ancestors.

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On the death anniversary of departed family member, same Shradh or Pitra Paksh rituals is also accomplished or performed. Tarpan rituals are performed differently for different departed family members.  These rituals perform on the same thithi (date) when that particular member attained to the death. On this Shradh day, the food items are prepared according to her or his taste and offered them to Brahmin/ Pandit with clothes, Dakshina.  When Brahmin eats this food and accepts the cloths then it is assumed that it accepted by our ancestors.

During the Shradh period or Pitra Paksh any new work or venture is prohibited to start. Also, the shopping of cloths or other household equipment or items is also not purchased during this time. In year 2015, people will perform the Tarpan rituals during Shradh time for offering to honour their ancestor.

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Want to know the Shradh dates in 2015 then look below.

Sharadh 2015: Dates

According to the Hindu calendar, in 2015 year the dates will start from September month which end in October month.



  Date                                   Day                     Shradh

7             September         (Sunday)              Purnima Shraddha

28           September         (Monday)            Pratipada Shraddha

29           September         (Tuesday)            Dwitiya Shraddha

30           September         (Wednesday)    Maha Bharani , Tritiya Shraddha

01           October               (Thursday)          Chaturthi Shraddha

02           October               (Friday)                              Panchami Shraddha

03           October               (Saturday)           Shashthi Shraddha

04           October               (Sunday)              Saptami Shraddha

05           October               (Monday)            Ashtami Shraddha

06           October               (Tuesday)            Navami Shraddha

07           October               (Wednesday)    Dashami Shraddha

08           October               (Thursday)          Ekadashi Shraddha

09           October               (Friday)                Magha Shraddha , Dwadashi Shraddha

10           October               (Saturday)           Trayodashi Shraddha

11           October               (Sunday)              Chaturdashi Shraddha

12           October               (Monday)            Sarva Pitru Amavasya


Importance of Shradh in 2015

In Shradh, rituals of performing Tarpan for ancestors have great importance.

Get blessings from ancestors

It is believed that our ancestors always watch us; they are with us and shielding us from the evil things of life and give their blessings. They are protecting us from danger then they deserve respect and honour in return from us. They gave us many more and Sharadh time period is our time to return their favour by performing Tarpan ritual.

This Tarpan process is the best way to show gratitude towards our ancestors for whatever they gave or did for us. It is believed by everyone that if rituals are accomplished with honesty, faith, respects and love then our ancestor pleased and bless us with their protection, their blessings protects us from every evil power of world. Their blessing works in natural as well as supernatural power of universe and protects us.

Perform the Shradh with complete faith and get blessings from your ancestors.

To give peace of ancestors’ souls

We have the assets and properties of our ancestors as well as we get their misdeeds results in inheritance. Sometimes these misdeeds don’t leave after their death also and they couldn’t get peace after death. These misdeeds give disturbance in present generation also. The procedure of Tarpan in Pitra Paksh helps them in getting the peace as well as it pays the misdeeds of ancestor’s life.

Thus, help your ancestor by performing the Tarpan and make them able to get peace of soul in 2015 year.

Eliminate the effects of abnormal death

Abnormal or unnatural deaths create big reason behind the disturbance of souls. Unnatural death of person means death before the actual time of death. It can happen from any type of accident and suicide is also consider as unnatural death. It can be occur with any person, doesn’t matter he or she is old or young. Unnatural death doesn’t see the age of victim. By the Tarpan ritual, this negative effect of unnatural death can be removing and give the supreme peace to soul. So, perform the Sharadh of your ancestor and remove these negative effects.

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Reduce the Kaal Sarp Dosh effect

Kaal sarp dosh is the type of sin in persons’ birth chart. People who have this kaal sarp dosh, they face money, fertility related issues in their life. As per the Hindu belief, one can reduce the effect of kaal sarp dosh by performing the Tarpan ritual in Shradh period. Thus, remove this Kaal sarp dosh from your life by performing the Shradh rituals in 2015.

Now you know the importance of Tarpan in Shradh, so don’t ignore it and perform it in 2015 year for your ancestors’ peace.

Shradh 2015: Legends of Sharadh

Some legends are linked with Sharadh, these are:

Karna in Mahabharat

According to Hindu epic Mahabharata, when Karn died his soul got place in heaven. There he got only gold and silver as food. He asked to Indra, king of God, that why he was getting only gold and silver ornaments in food instead of real food. God Indra told him that, Karna

always offered gold and silver ornaments in his life to needy people but never offered any real food item to his ancestors.

Karna explained Indra God that he didn’t know about his ancestors so he didn’t donate for them. Then God Indra gave 15 days time to go earth again and donate the food and clothes for his ancestors. Karna came back on earth and perform the Tarpan ritual in the name of his ancestors.

Keep this information in mind during the performance of Tarpan rituals in 2015.

Shradh 2015: What is Pitru Loka

Pitru Loka is the expanse or region between the earth and the heaven. The souls of coming three former generations of one’s forefather or ancestors stay in Pitru Loka. When one member of generation dies, the ancestors’ soul from the very first generation shifts to the heaven. Then, the Pitra Paksh or Shradh for first ancestor is stopped. The Yumraj- lord of death has important role in Pitru Loka. When person die he take that soul to Pitru Loka.

Shradh 2015: How to perform

Shradh go for 16 days, you can perform Tarpan rituals on the partial day from these days according to death tithi (date) of your ancestors in 2015. Tarpan plays vital role in peace of soul and performing Tarpan in Shradh give best results.

Shradh 2015: Where to perform

Generally Shradh rituals are performed near the water are like river edge or beach. River place is considered as a sacred place for performing Tarpan rituals. It is believed that if we flown ashes of departed person in water (Ganga river) and perform Tarpan ritual in water region, then it turn out best results.

Shradh 2015: Time for perform Shradh

Shradh for departed family member could perform on the same death tithi (date) when that person went away. But if you were not able to perform Shradh on same death thithi then perform it on last day of Shradh, the last day of shradh is known as Sarvapitri Amavasya.

For performing Shradh traditions, noon time is good in comparison of others time. 11:30 AM to 1 PM noon time is best. Morning time is good for performing Tarpan ceremony; it is 8 AM to 12 PM.

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Shradh Tithi Finder Tool will help you in finding the Tithi for performing Shradh rituals.

Perform the Shradh rituals on same death tithi will produce good results.

Shradh 2015: How to perform Shradh rituals

  • Shradh rituals start with making vegetarian food for offering. If you prepare favourite dishes of departed person then it is best. This prepared food is offered to Pandit or Brahmins, that’s why it is also known as Brahmin Bhoj.
  • Prepare traditional foods as per your family custom like kheer, halwa etc.
  • Perform prayers for peace of our ancestors’ souls.
  • This prepared food also offered to crows, dogs and cows. This is believed that ancestor comes in different forms on sharadh.
  • Different cereals, fruits and sweets can also offer.
  • For ancestors peace and also for yourself, offer food to needy people like beggars or hungry people.

Shradh 2015: Don’ts in performing Shradh

Some important things should keep in mind while performing sharadh rituals.

  • Do not include non vegetarian food in Shradh foods’ items.
  • Never consume alcohol on Shradh day.
  • Do not cut hair on Shradh day.
  • Never use vessels which are made of iron for preparing food.
  • Perform rituals before evening time, don’t perform rituals in evening.
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Shradh 2015: What is Pitru Dosha

When you perform Tarpan rituals then it give you best results but when you don’t perform Tarpan rituals then you get Pitu Dosha. Mainly, Pitru Dosha arises when ancestors’ soul is not in peace and you don’t perform Tarpan rituals for them.

By the birth chart of person, it can find out about Pitu Dosha in his or her horoscope. This is curable and cures by accomplishing the Shradh rituals.

Thus, Shradh rituals and Tarpan ceremony is important in 2015 year for the peace of ancestors’ soul. Give honour and peace to ancestors by performing Shradh in 2015.

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