Saturn Sun and Mars relationship

There is the divine relationship between these of the two planets as they share something with each other. The Lord Shani who is the ruler of the planet Saturn is the lord Surya’s son. The planet Mars is being ruled by the Lord Hanuman. The planet Saturn has transited to the zodiac sign Scorpio which is being ruled by the planet Mars and the interesting thing is that the friendship between two of them is one-sided only. The planet Mars get exalted in zodiac sign Capricorn which is ruled by planet Saturn whereas on the other side planet Saturn gets debilitated in zodiac sign Aries which is ruled by planet Mars.

According to the old ages it is believed that the Lord Surya was the preceptor of Lord Hanuman. According, to the Indian stories it is believed that once Lord Shani went to Lord Hanuman for eclipsing him with the sade sati but Lord hanuman told him that his sade sati is not going to harm him. After that Lord Hanuman went for the Ram Jaap by standing on his one leg. Looking at this mudra Lord Shani began to laugh at him and told that my punishment is already delivered to you because my fear has made you to stand on one foot. This sentence made the Lord Hanuman angry and he retaliated Shani with tight blows. He tied Lord Shani with the tail and rose up in the sky and hit him on every mountain. Lord Shani asked for the mercy and Lord Hanuman gave him but granted the two boons to him. The first boon to Shani Dev was that he will never punish his devotees and the second one was that he will maintain the good relationship with his father Lord Surya. Afterwards, the Shani Dev has maintained the word of Lord Hanuman and therefore whenever the Lord Hanuman is pleased the Lord Shani is also pleased. On the festival of Makar Sankranti also the Lord Sun enters into the zodiac sign of Makar which is ruled by Lord Shani and this shows the bond between the father and son.

The significance of mustard oil arrived from the fact that once the Lord Shani was wounded and therefore to lessen the pain the wife of Lord Shani applied the mustard oil on his wounds so that he can get the relaxation. So the brief conclusion that comes is that the two planets Saturn and Mars cannot be friends due to the conflicts between them but the natives of them cannot be balanced without the effects of Saturn and Mars. Saturn is responsible to teach patience and to earn the things in life rather than putting money on them while the Mars is responsible for action and force.

Saturn is going to be in Scorpio for three years and there will be no friendly nature so a little discomfort may be caused. To rectify the problems one should please the Lord Shani Dev so that all the problems are being removed from the life. If anyone does something wrong than the Lord Shani punishes them and teaches them the right way of doing things. On 16th November 2014 the planet Sun will be transiting to Scorpio and therefore there will be an awkward conjunction and the remedies need to be taken accordingly. Individuals need to recite the Hanuman Chalisa so that the Shani Dosha can be reduced.

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Created: Saturday, November 08 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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