Saraswati Pooja 2014

In the Hindu month called Magha

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Vasant Panchami is celebrated on the fifth lunar day of bright fortnight. It is believed that Goddess Saraswati was born on this day due to Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma is the creator of the world and he was happy with it, but then he found silence everywhere so he created Goddess Saraswati by sprinkling water in the air. Due to this reason Goddess is also called as water deity. This auspicious day is also known as Basant Panchami as this day marks the beginning of the spring season. The spring is also considered to be the beginning of new day and the commencement of the education can also be done from this day as Saraswati is also considered to be the Goddess of intelligence, art and music. On this day many schools and educational institutions perform the Saraswati Puja in order to get her blessings. This auspicious day is also known as Abujh Muhurat. During this day all the things related to Goddess Saraswati like books are being kept in the foot of Goddess. Before performing any cultural activity or music Goddess Saraswati is being worshipped so that everything goes fine.

According to Hindu mythology it is believed that Goddess Saraswati wears white saree and this signifies the purity of Goddess. She is portrayed with four hands in the picture, where two hands hold the Veena, other hand hold the flower Lotus and the other one scripture. Goddess is also known for the language Sanskrit and gave birth to different languages. The holding of the scripture shows the immense knowledge in Goddess Saraswati. It is also believed that if worship to Goddess is done then one can become the owner of a great knowledge.

The legend of Goddess Saraswati is there. A famous poet Kalidasa once went to commit suicide in water as he was considered foolish by his wife. But as soon as he was about to jump Goddess appeared from the water and asked Kalidasa to take a dip in water, so he did that and now he is a famous poet.

On this auspicious day people should wear yellow colored clothes as it marks the importance of knowledge. Yellow color also signifies the Sun shine. People should do the Pooja toady to get the blessings of Goddess.

Category: Festival 2014

Created: Tuesday, February 04 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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